The key!

It’s the culmination of every thing we have ever desired for! All of our efforts have peaked n on the brink of fruition..

All we need is the key to unlock the power..

Turning the key, will blow your mind away..

Are you ready???

This doodle is a dominoes doodle (the indigo n purple single line spiral) grounding or stabilizing another dominoes doodle (orange center) 

The seven colours radiating outwards are the grounding doodle. 

It’s a first of its kind, three in one doodle created for a super creative person, with loads a love.

The key!!!


Musings of a student before her exam, LOL❤️

How nice it is to get rid of exams!

Have an exam tomorrow, which I’m not so pressurized about, yet escaping it royally!

Managed to read thru four chapters n feeling the saturation point, way above its limit lol

Feel the strong urge to finish a long pending doodle! Why this one?

Cuz twenty mins of doodling this one puts me in the right mode for a nap 😍

Seriously, no jokes!

This is the root chakra, or the Mooladhara❤️

As i doodle every tiny rootlet, I feel the coziness n warmth of Mother Earth. That’s the reason, this doodle has taken this long. Taken three days to reach its current state..

I digress on purpose😜

So the point is I feel prepared to give this exam (enough of reading)

And welcome the beauty of life lying on the table..