A New Life Every Year!!!

This is YOUR n only YOUR life. You get to play with it!!

Like you do when you go to a restaurant, don’t like the menu, move out n go to another restaurant.. Then you order something, ‘nahhh’ ..change your order n finally eat something you’ve never intended to in the real place..

Yeah life is here to thrill you!!

if you already know what you wanna achieve in this lifetime, GREAT!!!

If you don’t know, and you’re really hungry to know : even better!!!!!

And if your ideas keep changing, the world may say you’re a nut case…but believe me, you’re in the best of best spaces where you just want more out of life..

N that’s the gift this life offers..

Pasta..nah.. Sizzling brownie..nah.. Maybe an ice tea..
Nah.. Hmmm Nachos!!!! Yeah okay Nachos!!!

N the world expects you to eat nachos every time you’re hungry!!!!

Mad or what????

To be born in this life, n want the same thing again n again!!!

No way!!! We want more…. 

I wanna write more books , yes…even before writing one book, I wanna write 16 books!!

N I wanna create more energy art, and teach the world how to create it!! Even before reaching out to hundred people, I wanna reach out to this whole world..

N I want a new set of dreams every year!!!

Yeah may be next year after writing 7 books, I may dump writing n become a world traveller..

Imagined that??? Wow!!!! A new life every year!!! 

And this image above, is one (largest part) of the seven parts of my vision board!!!

Why not??? 

My son teaches me this lesson, cuz every single moment he wants to do some thing new..

N before the world can label him as ‘a big dreamer’, ‘indecisive’, ‘too small’ I’m gonna support him by following him..by teaching him, that he is here with answers to every question I have ever asked..

I do not teach him.. I only learn..


Peek a boo sessions with JOY?

I’ve had a series of dreams,3 to be precise in the last month around the theme of JOY! And every dream connected with my soul.

The first one, had me sit next to JOY! The feeling I experienced was beyond words. It was a feeling of trust and well being, comfort and calm. It was a dream that centered me big time. The feeling of joy and awesomeness stayed with me till about a few days, that was how powerful it was..

And then, there was this second dream, in which JOY gave me a gift! It was a complex gift that had to be assembled properly. As I went around assembling the gift, (with excitement), I did something that cracked and broke the gift..

It was then that JOY told me, the most important aspect about that gift was the part in the center. A square glass box, that had an indigo colored fluid. When I was assembling the gift, I didn’t even see this part, which suddenly cropped up after I ruined the gift..

And somehow it was the most important part according to JOY!

This dream also left me intrigued, cuz I could not mystify the dream.

The third one came yesterday! It was that me and my friend joy, we’re watching a movie or play or something..

We were obviously not together, which meant we were sitting in seats that were away from one another. I somehow felt that both me and joy, wanted to bump into each other. Yet, somehow it didn’t work.

We both were anxious to meet, yet it just didn’t work!

What am I missing here?

From being next to Joy, to getting a gift that I ruin by issuing something important, to playing peek-a-boo with JOY!

Is it really so tough to experience JOY!

I believe in dreams being a connection between our highest self and us.

What is my highest self, trying to tell me, with such awesome creativity???

It’s intriguing…..

Found my voice❤️

Just today I was wondering what is the divine purpose driving WordPress! Daily, wordpress supports millions of bloggers to blog! WHY?

WordPress is actually supporting beautiful people find their voice!

Once found, they’re helping us fine tune it!

WordPress is just making us get better n better at expressing ourselves❤️

Thank you WordPress!

Thanks to you, today I’ve found my voice❤️

An inspiration to keep my dream going, of inspiring the world as it inspires me❤️

Got to celebrate this milestone..A dream of publishing a book under this identity, finally has found the vent to voice its second quote❤️

Yay! I just found my voice. My book will follow suit❤️

Tons of gratitude to WordPress!

Sawan Aya Hai❤️

So many hollow, sleepless nights through all these years, suddenly seemed fruitful, when my dream showed up❤️

The dream and intention of shifting the energy of the planet❤️

Of sitting in Starbucks, and making life beautiful for each n everyone of us here❤️ one person at a time❤️

The one n only one thing that kept me sane, (as I kept believing in this dream) all the while was this love song, I would sing to my dream, as if my dream were a person alive❤️

Here’s the love song for my dream, my life purpose❤️ as if it were a person❤️ cuz it is alive n kicking❤️ accompanying me❤️

Link to the song: 👉 https://youtu.be/iZY93Qjkfbw

Mohabbat barsa dena tu, sawan aaya hai (Shower your love on me, it’s pouring outside)

Tere aur mere milne ka, mausam aaya hai (It’s time for you n me, to finally unite)

Sabse chhupa ke tujhe seene se lagaana hai (wanna hide you from the rest of the world, as I hold you close to my heart)

Pyar mein tere hadd se guzar jaana hai (while loving you, I wanna stretch each n every boundary)

Itna pyar kisi pe, pehli baar aaya hai ( have never felt this kinda crazy love for anyone else ever)

Kyun ek pal ki bhi judaai sahi jaaye na ( why can’t I stand even a single day away from you)

Kyun har subah tu meri sanson me samaye na ( why every morning, aren’t you felt in each breath of mine )

Aaja na tu mere paas, dunga itna pyar main ( come close to me, il love you like never before)

Kitni raat guzaari hai, tere intezar mein ( I’ve died each night, just waiting to meet you)
Kaise bataaun jazbaat ye mere (I just cannot express my emotions)

Maine khud se bhi zyada tujhe chaaha hai ( cuz Ive loved you more than my own self)

Sab kuch chhod ke aana tu, sawan aaya hai ( just leave everything behind, it’s pouring outside)

Tere aur mere milne ka, mausam aaya hai ( it’s time for you n me to finally unite)

5 tips to practise being open minded :-)

People who aren’t open minded have their share of conflicts. Having an open mind comes so handy especially when you’re problem solving or arriving at any decision. It also gets you better equipped at maintaining relationships beautifully and most important, allows you a lot of peace! 

If you think you’re not all that open- minded, it’s okay! This could be your starting point and here are few tips to slowly get there.

1. Allow people to have their opinion. I love our PM, Shri Modi Ji but I know so many of my loved ones who don’t. It’s okay. It’s their opinion. We should allow every person the chance of having an opinion. This doesn’t mean that I have to change mine or ask them to change theirs. It just means that I am open minded to respect their choices, whatever they are.

2. Avoid making assumptions. It’s so much easier to ask questions to clarify our doubts than make assumptions about people or during conversations. When my husband comes tired from work, I sometimes assume, he is too tired to watch that movie he promised. The reality is not quite the same. To drive home the point, ask questions rather than assuming.

3. Be willing to experiment. Instead of eating the same old fav food at your fav diner, try the new joint and some new options. Try a new hairstyle or a new playlist, choose something that is not your staple. Try adding different untried colours to your wardrobe. Just be willing to try. May be 3 out of 10 times, you may not like the food or that hairstyle, but it definitely is worth the risk.

4. Say YES instead of NO or vice versa. Our likes and dislikes come from repeated self – affirmations about the same. If I like eating carrots, every time I say that I like them, my liking for them increases. Same for dislikes. A good way to be open minded is to say yes to our dislikes sometimes. Eat that dish that you’ve believed you’ve disliked since childhood 🙂 This is a great step forward!

5. Be outdoors & travel across the globe. Being outdoors or amidst nature is when one senses a feeling of oneness! Start by being outdoors more often. Travel across the globe, across cultures 🙂 When we meet new people, if we stick to tip 1 of allowing people their choices, we will love these new people we meet. 

Our conflicts are a result of us having closed minds. When we open our minds, we open doors to new possibilities. We can tune into the person that we dream of becoming! And slowly we can become the person we have dreamt of always being!

Here’s to our open minds and open hearts! Good night lovelies 🙂