Real life is outside folks!!!

We find these illustrations funnily true yet we’re light years away from realising how this addiction is going to get to us and our future generation! We’re intelligent , we know this addiction takes us nowhere! Yet we’re so addicted that we are unable to devise our escape plans..


Here are some tips for an awesome escape plan!

– Spend some time (as little as 5 mins) every day consciously keeping away from your phone/ tabs

– Go outdoors. Enjoy the rain. Sleep on the lawn, see the open blue sky! Let the colors of the flowers fill your eyes.

– Breathe!! Yeah simply breathe when you’re in fresh air, and pay attention to how shallow or deep your breath is! Yes – this is the oxygen that our body needs, that we are totally unaware of. Just be present to that oxygen you’re breathing in

– Connect with your friends / family members in ways other than your phone. Watch a movie together at home, visit a friend, say hi to your neighbors, plan a weekend get away where there isn’t any reception /network 😉

– Listen to those birds chirping outside. Can you see them? Can you distinguish the sounds from one another?

– Drink water! Yeah! Pay a visit to that bottle of water and finish it at least half way down.

– Move!! Dance, run, brisk walk. Whatever allows you to move. Sitting in one place with that phone is making us lazier by the minute. So even as you walk towards your bosses cabin, move faster.. Use the stairs instead of the lift. At home, show some energy as you walk towards the door when the bell rings.

– Be present! In the shower, pay attention to the fragrance of the soap/ shower gel you’re using! How does the cold / warm water feel? Does it relax you? Does it energise you? If all the time your thoughts are running in that head, you don’t even know if you shampood your hair or not!!

– When you’re outside, instead of looking into your phone, look at those smiles on peoples faces. If there are no smiles, try bringing some 🙂

Real life is outside folks. LIFE is outside. Whats in the phones is just a dull vibe, that is slowly getting on to us. And it’s time to dust that vibe aside!!!

In the moment!!

Love this awareness & the moment when I acknowledge my presence & thank the giver for being so loving and huge hearted 🙂

One of such gratitude expressing pic is the one below..Its taken on 5th September -My first Teacher’s day as a Teacher hmmmm rather a coach..

Was walking my way back home when I just realised -This is the life I’ve always wanted to live,

my independence – I’m walking alone here,

my career- my first gift- a rose received from students on teacher’s day,

my family n the way I balance both- My toe rings signify my marriage + my attachment to my family ……n especially my hubby ;),

my ‘ME Time’- the small chord that’s seen in the pic is my headset denoting my music time,

n this pic captures it all beautifully!!

Signing off with one of my ‘Caught-This-Awareness-On-Camera’ pic..Cheers

Got it all !!

A feeling of blankness!!

This is the worst day in the blogging history of my life. I’ve never had to put so many efforts to write stuff!! It always flows off my heart or soul. Today, I sent a few posts to trash, edited them before they found their way there, tried writing what I really wanted to express- Yet no success!!

Feeling so blank! If you guys allow me to let go off my creativity for a while & just express stuff blandly, I guess it will help..

1. Yesterday was a very satisfying day of my life. 5th September – Teacher’s Day (celebrated in India) & it was the first time, I was celebrating this, not as a student!!

A very enjoyable HIGH of my life!! Felt really happy that I’m living the life of my choice, a life of being a Passion Coach, supporting champions to simply take charge, a life where I get to visit my parents weekly, interact with students & a life where I get to be a student too 🙂

Thank you lord, for this beautiful life, for putting me into such a beautiful family that I almost forgot my parents.Thank you for a beautiful n loving spouse, thank you for a job that I love from the innermost core of my soul. Thank you for this awesome life 🙂

2. Yesterday was a terrible night too. As soon as I arrived home, got to hear that a lady in our building had ended her life. Not that this lady was my friend, or that I knew her well or that I had chatted with her many times. It was just that I had bumped into her in our lift many times, and her innocent smile really touched me each time I would bump into her.

Why did she take this drastic step? Whatever be the reason, there could have been some solution!! She picked up her son from her school bus and then I guess that was the last her boy remembered of her?

She was so thoughtful enough to pick him up from his bus stop after school yesterday, then what suddenly made her stop thinking- What is he gonna do for the rest of the thousands of days in his life? How will he feel when he sees the dead body of his beloved mother ? How traumatic his life will be? Will he ever be able to bring life to normal?

Wish she would have thought of all of this!!

Signing off folks for now!! Hope I feel better soon…..


PS- Sad that I have to categorize this post in ‘Celebrating life’ & I wish I could add a button here that said ‘Super Hate’ instead of ‘Like’..