Easy Peasy🎁


Life is as simple as that 🙂 

Even when we have a road block that has obstructed the view of everything ahead, just this one step can be a beacon of hope♥️

What lights you up?

Music, movies,a friend, pasta, nachos, a hug, a kid, chocolate???

An episode of GOT, a book, Netflix, iTunes, free music downloads, cutting chai??

A walk on the beach,fresh air out of your window, green trees outdoors, a hammock, yummy delight ???

A massage, a gift, a tour, a trip, a hike, spontaneous travel???

Anything that lights you up, will bring forth the light you endlessly shine through you..

Try it🎁


This piece is titled Effortless!! At the center is one cell ( the cells that run every function in our body) Around it, the well being that it radiates. It’s an endless well being radiating outwards that can fill up the planet and there will be still left for the Galaxy..

This art piece reminded me of my pregnancy!! Once conceived, my baby was effortlessly growing inside me, and I absolutely had no control of the process.

He was being taken care of, in the best of ways by my body, without my knowledge or permission!! 

Well being is effortless! Plants, trees, nature, mountains they grow effortlessly by themselves, without us having to do a thing ( may be the only thing we need to do is to stop harming them)

If everything on this planet is taken care of effortlessly, can we escape this effortlessness??

Ease – your gift!!!

When something comes easy to you, it means that you’ve gotten out of your way to let it move through you, in the best way possible : Easy!!

What comes easy to you??

Every skill that has come easy to you, and seems effortless is indeed your gift!!

Some find it really easy to play the piano, some find it easy to cook! Some find driving easy, n some find travelling!!

What’s your Easy???

Whatever it is, it’s meant to stay n grow cuz it’s ur gift!! Certainly not meant to be ignored 🙂

Of aches and love!

img_0022If I asked you to give away all the ‘so-called-treasure’ of your past experience, in exchange of a dreamy, ‘think-and-you’ll-have-it’ life, would you be my guest?

We have a situation at hand, and a lesson to learn. And our life is just as simple.

The situation at hand will not change unless we see/ learn the lesson. We may keep names at the people involved in the situation, or the circumstances that led to the situation without realizing, a single change inside us can change the situation completely.

We just need to thank the situation instead of resisting it! We thank the situation for the lesson its brought along and *foosh* magically the situation isn’t there anymore.

When we resist the situation, we are actually asking it to stay in our life, just as any illness or ache. Tummy ache – and we wish it would go! We resist it all along and give it a permanent spot in our life.

Instead, ask the tummy ache why is it here. I learned with EFT (tapping) that every ache is an outcome of an emotional block.

It is that simple! And so is our life.

We attract like ourselves. Like attracts like. If you are consumed with self limiting beliefs, that’s just what you’ll attract. Situations to prove that there isn’t enough.

Attract love and transformation, and you’ll get love and transformation!!

One person at a time, slowly our world is transformed❤️ amen