A beautiful goose bumpy song❤️

This song, always reminds me of all the mistakes I’ve made in life, yet leaves me feeling so empowered and positive❤️
It reminds me of my lows, of missing my Ammamma (my hubby’s maternal grand mom) n wishing she were here for just one more minute, for me to tell her, how much she made a difference to my life..

I wish I could tell her how much her hugs meant😓

Times when I would feel low, n ask her for a hug, she would gladly oblige! When I’d say ‘thank you’ ,she’d say come on, it’s not such a big deal…

It is such a big deal today! I know u hear me n send me loads of love..

I can sense your blessings following me everywhere, ure that good luck charm of mine, living inside me yet invisible..

I miss you ‘physically’ n wish I’d taken your words more seriously..

I know you’re in a super happy place, where you know how powerful you are❤️

You’re not the sad Ammamma I once knew, who had a heart overflowing with love..

You’re now the super being, who is the heart full of love!

I’m so happy I met you…

You leave me feeling more empowered than sad! Thank you Ammamma for being an inspiration in ways I can’t explain..


Confessions of a Rhythm-oholic!!

I love you – RHYTHM!!

The word ‘Rhythm- oholic’ may not exist in the English we all know… But I have no other word that describes my emotions towards RHYTHM!!

I love to find rhythm around me! Its like I have a song in my head n I’m swaying to the rhythm of that illusional song.

Since last 2 months, I’ve been travelling every week to Pune (its almost a 4 hour journey one way) & thanks to this travel, I’ve explored the opportunity of listening to more n more music. N I’ve realized RHYTHM, drives me crazy..

I’ve always loved exploring dance as a medium of expressing myself, not to the world but to myself. But never really observed that its not the music or my ability to shake a leg, but its the rhythm that strikes a chord with me 🙂

N how does RHYTHM, make me feel?

~ It makes me feel as if, everything is in my control

~ It makes me feel SUPER empowered

~ It makes me feel joyful (I experience BLISS – believe me)

~ It makes me sway n move to its beat n I am transported into an altogether different world

~ It makes me observe & appreciate the beauty

I’ve realized lately that I listen attentively to the background scores of songs to trace the rhythm -be it beats of the drums or tabla or the guitar strums or whatever that generates rhythm 🙂

OMG! I feel elevated simply writing about this! Its like an AHA moment for me!

What is it that makes you feel empowered? Ever observed what makes you love yourself ? What makes you feel blissful?

Sharing this song that super magnifies rhythm- listen closely! Purposely not sharing the video cuz the rhythm seems to have been wasted totally & the visuals kinda distract ….