If I got here so can you🎁

From being the most protected ‘baby’ in my family, ……to ‘still kinda being one’…

From being my grandfather’s fav grandchild ( no arguments here, all my cousins..as I was the youngest 😜)…… to making the choice of taking my first job, in another state away from home..

From choosing to go for Engineering instead of architecture …..to choosing none of the two n yet enjoying my career in the best manner possible..

From sampling a long list of careers after quitting my job…to simply being who I was..

From Shraddha Basrur to Shraddha Trasi to being Aryaa Akshay🎁

An artist.. A writer.. A mom.. A wife.. A daughter..A proud Indian.. It doesn’t matter which order I got here…

I am who I am!! And I do a great job at it!!

Whether you like it or not isn’t my job!!

My job is to make sure I like it n I DO🎁

N this is how all the good things in my life multiply … N my voice n work reaches the globe..

As it already does..


Aryaa Akshay

Launching Soon! Brand INTUNED❤️

Hello Mighties!

Super excited to share an exciting piece of news!

My second baby,brand Intuned, is soon gonna carve out an identity for itself. Making the grand entry into the physical plane on a special date, 30th May 2016 (a date that’s lucky cuz it’s my lil sis Aditi’s birthday) 😍, Intuned is here with a very pure intention and soul.

The intention to serve our fellow beings on this planet, to support them in creating a life that is fulfilling, a life that radiates joy and one that serves them with the abundance that they imagined for themselves.

The Starbucks space, (as shared in my vision with close friends) holds a special place in my heart!! One on one sessions with clients will be held at any of the Starbucks outlets 😍😍😍 in Mumbai! 

Eventually, I know, the Starbucks @Fort, would be the Global Head Quarters for the Energy Shifting Center for our darling planet, and that my two inspirations, Mr. Howard Schultz of Starbucks & Shri. Modi Jee will be there to grace the occasion with their presence 😍❤️😍

Please bless brand Intuned, the Intuned family and the pure intention with which we are making it here on the earth plane!

Lots of exciting times ahead.

Aryaa Akshay is here❤️

A new identity, for new times to come.

It’s been more than 5 years now, since I envisioned writing a book, authored under the name of Aryaa Akshay.

Aryaa means goddess Durga and Akshay means infinite!! 

Back then, when I created a hand crafted vision board for myself, I never thought life would come full circle when I finally realize what this means.

Most of my life, I remember feeling hollow and numb cuz I wasn’t aware of my life purpose. As a child, I wondered, if God chooses everything …..what’s my part to play? If it’s all a drama after all, why am I alive? It’s weird how I was so deeply intrigued by this.

The question was superficial, till I finished Engineering!! It hit me quite hard then. It was slowly becoming more n more crucial for me to know my life purpose. The ‘not knowing’ of the answer made me feel hollow. I didn’t quite know why I did engineering.

Felt like an artist at heart after which I started writing. Writing came as a relief. It was my safe and secure corner where I could pen down my frustrations of not knowing why I was alive. 

Few years later, post my marriage, one day as I sat in my office, (obviously I hated my job cuz I wasn’t really sure of what I was doing) I felt like creating my vision board.

I took a brave decision of penning down all my hearts desires. Seemed like I desired to pursue many roles. That was simply a vent. I didn’t know how I could be so many people at one time

Yet the desire was super strong!! So I bet ten rupees on myself really hoping il get there some day!!

I stuck this vision board on my wardrobe door! It’s silly, in a few months time I created a ear-ring organizer and placed it over my vision board, and my vision board has been in hiding!!!

Such a powerful vision!! And such a powerful purpose.

I’ve travelled full circle now, knowing my life purpose. I know my dreams are my only chance at experiencing my true power.

I choose to manifest each and every bit of my vision!! My vision boards have matured over time, yet the desire stays strong.

Finally, Aryaa Akshay – the goddess inside me with infinite potential is awake!!

I embrace this new identity with blessings and gratitude❤️

Choose BIG, not big!

When I was expecting my first baby, like any other first time mom, I was quite scared about the process of a baby’s birth. I got to hear from many first time moms about their experiences. Their total labour time was ranging from anywhere between 20 hours and 7 hours.

I thought in my mind, none of this serves me! Why would I go thru 7 long hours in pain? So when I was 3 months into my pregnancy, I started writing the very first item in my gratitude list as ‘labour time less than 2 hours’.

Wrote this every single day, imagined my darling baby in my arms, tears of joy and imagined that it happened in less than 2 hours. 

Do you know my total labour time? 1 hour and 15 mins. My labour time was so perfectly short!! Shorter than this? May be another doc would have delivered my baby rather than my trusted gynac.

So it was just right! Perfectly short and sweet ❤️

If I assured you that all the situations you currently are in, are an outcome of what you’ve chosen for yourself, would you wake up to seeing yourself as a maker of life? 

You’re not a victim of life, can’t possibly be!

Just impossible.

Curious, huh?