Full throttle!

A piece created for a nature lover and traveller, whose hunger for life is evident from his captures on camera.

This doodle captures his will power in cutting his own unique path in this beautiful world, connecting with like minded hearts as he walks his path..

Breaking the stereotype and making life go his way, completely!

The piece captures his swift energy, quickly shifting gears through life, creating excitement out of mundane days, and making each day work differently for him..

Hats off to you Abhishek!! Life is indeed a celebration just the way you portray it🎁

We felt excited as we created this doodle for you!!

Thank you for accepting it!!

Coming full circle!!!

Have you ever worked on a project so exciting, that finishing the project in itself would be a celebration for you?

I’m working on a very super exciting project, something I’ve been putting on hold for a really long long time. And as the project fills me with excitement and eagerness and loads of enthusiasm, I just tossed myself a thought..

My first patchwork project! A gift for Ekaansh πŸ™‚

I told myself happily, “when you complete this project, you should buy yourself something special!”  The thought instantly filled me with joy, and as I wondered about what is it that I really wanted to buy myself when my project hits ‘Successfully Done’ – I was blank..

I wasn’t blank with the lack of ideas, but rather I was blank cuz completing this project is going to be a beautiful ‘gift-to-self’ in itself. There was nothing more I expected, other than enjoying this journey and not hurrying myself to the destination.

I really scanned through various gift choices like a vacation, shoes, loads of shopping, enrolling into courses, learning new skills/ getting certified ……

But seriously, nothing …absolutely nothing, matched the joy that I would bring to myself by successfully completing this project.

And it feels so amazing! Feels like I’ve come full circle, from ‘not knowing’ my purpose in life,  to feeling desperate to find it, to attempting to reach it, to making lists of ‘Must have’s’ and finally giving it all up ,not on compulsion but by a deep choice that really tells me who I am!!

I’m still in this journey, and I still do not know who I am!! But this milestone, needs to be celebrated πŸ™‚

And the best part is that the milestone in itself is a celebration & the celebration completely lies in the milestone!!

Offering gratitude, loads n loads of it!

Have you thought about your exciting project???