What’s wrong with ‘broken’?

I don’t know how we come to believe, that any conflicts/ issues that we have must be resolved??

N then in fixing them straight, all we do is think about them, focus on them. We beat the hell out of them n hence, they stay in our life for good. Isn’t it weird???

We can never fix anything up. We can accept it as perfect even when it appears to be broken, or else we forget about it for good. It is never gonna get fixed. It’s our flawed expectation that it should appear ‘fixed’

What’s wrong with broken??

Why can’t we live with something good, that isn’t great! Or live with ordinary, and see the extra ordinary in it??

Why can’t our focus be the one thing that’s extraordinary??

Why can’t our judgment be unconditional??

Why can’t we focus on the way we look at things rather than judge the things???

N if we can accept that the only control we have in this entire life is the control of the way we FEEL, the way we FOCUS, the way we JUDGE, we’re done with this life..

Life suddenly gets easy peasy.. N then we have some challenges that make it tough, n then we goof up.. N we celebrate being goofed up..

That’s how life was meant to be.. Who brought up the ‘ideal’ ..

The ideal is the wrecker..it wrecks it up for us playing the game n it wrecks the idea of the game itself..

But hello. Who is complaining???

Life was meant to be this way. Yes, exactly this way that it is, no other way!!

Letting yourselves down? No chance!! Here’s 3 reasons why :-)

There is no such thing as letting oneself down! Why? Here are 3 straight reasons:

1. The picture in your mind, of how things should be is just a picture. It’s not a reading from the future for you to rate the present as ‘really bad!!’ If you knew the future, which said at age 25 you’d own a Ferrari, and you’re 25, still depending on local transport- okay you goofed up dude. But NO! You don’t know the future so relax

2. If you always performed above expectation, your life would be BORING!! What kinda growth are you expecting if you’re always satisfied with yourself? Sometimes, not getting what we want leads us to jumping higher, leads us to better stuff! So if you’re not happy with the outcomes, keep doing your best.

3. You chose to be who you now are, exactly as you now are! 

This is who you most wanted to be. So you can’t be goofing things up, even if they appear that way. There’s a growth trajectory you’re following because of all the pleasant and unpleasant situations you’re coming across. If you’d eliminate some of the unpleasant situations, I’m afraid your growth trajectory goes for a toss!

We deserve our own love the most! I feel, getting past the hurt caused by another person is easier as compared to getting past the hurt we cause for ourselves. All the negative self talk only goes to destroy our self esteem.

We are beautiful souls, totally worthy of all the love in this world. A negative outcome is the last thing to prompt us to feel that we let ourselves down!!

There is no such thing like that!! Everything is happening just as we consciously chose it to. Love yourselves and keep going!!



How expectations suck out all the joy, you have!!

Expectations – Beautiful yet unclear, distant and short lived!!

Nah!! Expectations don’t do that!! They pull you up to give your best and a lot can be realized when one expects… and..

Please shut all that crap!! Expectations are of use only and only when they are organised around Action!! In absence of Action, expectations simply leave you devoid of all joy..

‘I expected to get a diamond ring on my wedding anniversary’ or ‘I expected my boss would ask me to take the day off’ or ‘I expected you will at least give me a better rating if not a good hike’

Oh come on!! We are never vocal about our expectations else the world would be so much better..

Our mind is a wicked spark plug, creating all these expectations & this is all only self talk. We are too timid to tell our spouse, or boss or anyone else about our expectations. We ourselves have no idea what we want from our lives, and we expect others to read our minds constantly… Result is ‘I expected to get blah blah’

What if we change our focus from expectations to action? What if we asked ourselves, which of our expectations really matter to us? What if we could communicate these expectations to the concerned person & figure out for ourselves if they can be met?

We all have endless joy in our life!! What ever we lack is just a creation of lack in our minds!! May be we don’t really need it, or may be we haven’t tried too hard to make it a part of our life.

For starters, we could just look at all the beautiful things around & be grateful that they made it into our life. Else, the grass is always greener on the other side, no matter what!!

Lets get busy finding the true joy that stays with us rather than getting pulled down by dirty games of our own mind..

Signing off!!