The chaos of an artists’ block 🎁

Out of the countless ‘blocks’ I have faced so far, this one seems to be the best! I am thanking it n enjoying the apparent disconnection with art, for all the gifts it brings..

For starters, I am allowing myself to be okay with this disconnection! 

It brings a different kind of silence with it.I feel like I’ve lost my voice, cuz I have nothing to express. My perspective seems to have vanished. I do not feel like painting or writing..

Yeah this blog post seems like a kind of a saving grace..

And yet, this blank space, following multiple art works n silence after words that ring from my soul, seems to indicate the calm before the storm.

I’m intending to use this low, this calm as the footing for all the magnificence that’s gonna follow. 

For an extrovert, the urge to hold back, n sit in silence seems like a punishment. For an artist, this urge to ‘not express’ seems like a curse. N for a writer, not finding one’s strong voice seems like repression..

N yet, here I am welcoming this block with joy!!!

These are times that force the spontaneous souls, to take a break from their spontaneity! Think deeply about what really is of importance. What should their focus be on..

N voilà!!!! 

At the right time, the artist will find one’s voice, back in shape, n renewed with a new perspective ..

That is the ultimate gift this block can offer 🎁

Side effects of being AUTHENTIC – 1

If you truly listen to the urges of your ‘calling heart’, you will realize how unique you are!

You chose to be here in this life, to express a combination of truths, n the combo is one of a kind 😊 

Accepting the uniqueness of the expression, of who you are, means being willing to enjoy the differences of opinion/ viewing/ perspective ..

Rather than enjoying approval, are you willing to enjoy the differences ??


Roller coaster

The ups and downs of a super emotional person are invisible to the logical eye!

Can be felt only by the sensitive..

There’s no reasoning behind why the feelings, how they feel.

Deep, cranky, ruffled, lonely, senseless, lost, low, ……

Seems like a list of words.

To the person feeling them, seems like being in a new country without a map..

Yet, to be able to hold onto the last straw n keep going, knowing, just like the downs there will be ups 

That is the game changer❤️🎁

To the savior game changers..

Quit the Petty You! Choose only the Highest You❤️

It’s not our fault, that we are tuned into being petty!

We earn money, only to bargain with poor vendors, we earn money, only to think twice when someone needy asks us for help..

It’s not our fault really!! Some parent taught their children, some boss taught his subordinates, some friends taught us that we lose when we become the mightier ones..

When we pour our hearts out, we become the weak ones, who get laughed over and walked over!!

Not our fault at all!

What no one taught us was, we are the mightier ones, when we choose to forgive rather than speak badly, we are the mightier ones, when we choose to apologize rather than gossip, we are the mightier ones, when we choose to stand up for ourselves rather than get treated like a door mat, simply to look good in front of society.

We are the mightier ones, when we choose ourselves❤️

By choosing ourselves, automatically we choose to serve others, selflessly❤️

Cuz when we choose ourselves, we fill our cups to the brim, and then pouring out of that becomes easy peasy! Pettiness gone, Mightiness IN❤️

Ever wondered why small children are capable of giving us so much love? Cuz their cups are filled, even when they don’t have a dime in their pocket! Their cups are filled as they say NO simply, to protect their interest. They are our best teachers❤️

Only bad that before we can learn that lesson, we teach them to be petty, to be selfish, to stop standing up for themselves cuz some neighbor will label them something..

Not any more!!

Art, the savior!

I find art to be my best buddy when I am stressed and need a vent!

It’s pure, lets you be and the best part- doesn’t judge you at all. You can do whatever with whichever resources youve got at your finger tips…be it your thoughts or colors, or blank sheets of beautiful art paper or fine tip pens, a cone filled with henna or for that matter your voice, perhaps anything around you that creates sounds, a camera perhaps..

Name it and it kinda offers you solace. Your own private corner, to be,do and feel whatever you wanna express.

It’s not the destination, rather it’s the journey that’s destressing. The end result can be anything, it may even be incomplete..

The joy lies only in the expression 🙂

TEN nice n awesome things I did yesterday :)

10 NnA things I did 🙂

1. Inspite of getting late for my Guitar class, prepared Chapatis for my hubby’s lunch box – Luv u Duddz for not goofing up with ur priorities 🙂

2. I learnt how to strum variety of strum patterns on my Guitar, for various hindi songs using a single chord – E minor (The only one I’ve learnt so far)- Yay, now I will never say ‘But, I dunno how to strum’

3. Reblogged this beautiful pic, Himalayas from above & thanked god 🙂

4. Sent a congratulatory mail to my students for dipping themselves ‘full on’ into action 🙂 After the success of a well planned n fun ‘Teacher’s Day’ they’ve gotten together for organizing a beautiful celebration of Engineer’s Day on 15th Sept

5. I did quite a lot of successful ‘late evening’ multi tasking in my kitchen n finished my chores in less than an hour (Which is quite an achievement for me- lol)

6. I didn’t get upset with my client who forgot about our Coaching Session (Thanks to my coach Shakti, who did the same for me, when I forgot our session couple of times) & I also din’t get upset at myself after realizing, that it was my confusion n not ‘she forgot @ our session’ 🙂

7. I read a blogpost @ RAOK – aka Random acts of Kindness as a way of celebration.. Awesome post!!

8. Saw these beautiful Magnolia flowers @ Bec’s blog & thanked god for all his beautiful creations 🙂

9. Explored a beautiful travel blog & loved Timothy’s ride on a bamboo boat 🙂

10. I am celebrating 4 successful to do items out of 6 (that I had challenged myself to do) for a 21 day period.

ONE-  I not just joined my Guitar class, but have been practicing & attending them regularly – Yay..

TWO- I took up and successfully executed the challenge of including meaningful games for my Group Coaching assignment 🙂 Thanks to the challenge board- I loved the games! They added a lot of meaning and value to my Coaching 🙂

THREE – I registered for an October Supervised Coaching (Sessions in which a Master Coach evaluates and assesses me on my coaching skills, while I am coaching a client ) Yes, I will graduate as a Certified Professional Coach by December 2012 – Yayyy Hurray

FOUR- My multitasking in the kitchen is paying off, since the time I decided to restrict the time I spend in the kitchen. The goal was an excellent one, which I also enjoyed executing !!I choose that this goal stays with me for the rest of my life 🙂

😉 Getting up in the morning @ 7.20 am – I did it for quite a few days but cant make it a part of my routine.. I’ve decided to keep this one flexible as it spells more morning time with my hubby 🙂

😦 Doing Pranayam n exercising  😦 Cudn’t get this important one right.. But no probs.. Im gonna continue tracking on this one..

So that’s about my list of 10 NNATID yesterday..Thank you god for everything that you’ve blessed me with 🙂

Signing off!