Drive it like you stole it❤️

When you have an awesome list of movies on your ‘to- watch’ list, you know life has your back❤️

Each n every movie I remember seeing in the last few months has been awesomeness!

Just watched this one❤️ Sing Street❤️

Such a beautiful one, captured heart warmingly! 

Aspirations, dreams against the back drop of brutal reality❤️

How far are you willing to go?

How much are you willing to risk!!

Actually not playing this one is the biggest risk! Playing it safe is the biggest risk!

Not going for your dreams is the sad news..

Rest everything is good!!! Try n fail – great❤️

Try n fail harder – great!

Do anything but staying safe at the shore….

Please for heavens sake❤️

Love this movie…. Love it loads..

So grateful for each n every awesome movie we’ve been watching❤️

This movie has a bonus of great tracks too❤️

Check it out❤️