6th December 2015

thats me, looking forward for my first solo film watching experience

No worries how my son is doing! Absolutely no thoughts 😊

Everyone around me seems so disconnected. Am I the crazy one? Who thinks a lot? Who feels a lot?

Or may be I’m ALIVE!

Everyone else is simply pretending.

I sometimes wonder am I at my best when I’m alone?

No pretending,no judgment! Only n only being….

No opinions of others, no worries of tags n labels,no names, no avoiding ‘unwanted’ tags like angry, lazy ,straight forward,honest…

I am the most grateful woman alive cuz I have an extremely tolerant family, that simply lets me be!!!! 😍

It’s a beautiful day! 

I did something for the first time today!!

Watched an awesome movie ALONE! In a crazily expensive recliner, eating a huge tub of popcorn n sipping all the ice tea…all by myself..

I enjoyed the movie!! Tamasha😊

My day dint start exactly as planned yet it had so many gifts! Something sweet! Totally complementary 😍

You gotta let life surprise you!

Can’t choose simply the sweetness. Got to take the bitter as well. And accept it as if it was a beautiful gift wrapped specially for you.

Without much questioning!!

Just letting it be..


Duddz 😍

To life that’s always beautiful, whether or not I see it that way😍