A life changer called BALI❤️🎁

Not a single picture clicked

Every single beautiful moment captured in my heart

Realizing that travelling alone is EASY n FUN

Super deep connections with people ‘looking’ and ‘speaking’ differently than me

Touching every beautiful heart in unexplainable ways

Feeling the easy flow of life

Floating in the beautiful pool and watching stars

Eating the most amazing food I’ve ever eaten

Meeting the most open hearted Balinese people, who made me feel totally at home

Experiencing the purest, simplest n most natural yet powerful energy shift, during the purification process in a Balinese temple

Expressing gratitude for my family who let me experience this life changing trip

Gratitude for the two coaches, Leon and Scott, who intended and organized this energy shifting experience for the 13 of us

Loads of gratitude for my darling Lainey, who I finally met physically after so many long years. Gratitude of living with her for 6 nights and experiencing the pure love and appreciation that she is❤️

Gratitude for each n every beautiful coach / non coach who attended the retreat❤️😍

Excitement of meeting such awesome hearts from across the globe, who not only accepted me but also acknowledged and appreciated me❤️🎁

Deep conversations with beautiful hearts

First time experience of white water rafting with the most incredible 6 fun loving people and a super awesome guide – SUPER FUN! JUST WOWWWWWWWWWW ❤️🎁

Being alone n by myself in an exciting place called UBUD – ALL BY MYSELF

Bargaining, not liking the price, leaving the shop, strolling around, finally buying the expensive piece (that reminded me of that extremely loving, huge tree outside the temple) and losing it at another shop. 

Losing the most expensive piece I’d bought so far, thanks to the lil two year old baby girl who held my hand n didn’t let me go, played ringa ringa roses with me in the tiny shop as her mom was busy making the offering for the next morning.

Following my intuition and the signs of flowers, to ask a local (Wayan) if I’d be welcome to visit the beautiful temple that was drawing me towards it

Eating yummy food at Wayan’s beautiful house and the super yum gado gado prepared by his mam (mom) especially for me❤️🎁

Experiencing an awesome bike ride back to my resort thanks to the awesome local Wayan, who let me into his home, served me a yummy meal n let me interact with his beautiful family, and let me into his home temple ( thank god I’d carried my Sarong; a scarf that has to be wrapped up around the waist before entering the temple)

Gratitude for the most awesome solo experience in spite of losing the valuable wooden piece
Knowing that I would definitely get that piece, if not in this trip may be another

Asking my two beautiful friends from the retreat visiting Ubud another day, if they could, only if possible, check out a store that had a two year old girl in it ❤️😍 n collect that piece if possible

Relying on the universe for everything

Happily receiving that awesome piece which was collected by my two friends who very easily found the store❤️ 

Creating so many cards for the beautiful people I met in Bali

Feeling the love of the universe being showered tremendously on me

A warm yet heavy good bye

Travelling business class ( what, seriously??? How come I didn’t check my ticket) n fulfilling another desire that showed up when I was travelling to Bali ❤️

Being served by the most beautiful n smiling air hostesses ever ❤️🎁

Landing in Mumbai 

Terrific hugs from Ekaansh ( extremely grateful for him to have had a good time in my absence) 

Gratitude for my family who let me go and took care of everything n Ekaansh back home

A great home cooked meal

Loads a conversations 

Extreme gratitude, a heart overflowing with gratitude that has no words to express it❤️

Tari Makashi Bali, you’ve created a space in my heart for ever! N I’m gonna be visiting many times again ❤️🎁

Sukh Samah❤️🎁