Ten tips to tune into your highest vibration!

This is gonna be a short and quick post, cuz tuning in to ones highest vibration is as simple as it’s tough!

Ten quick tips here:

1. Look out any window, observe the greenery and breathe. If you choose to, observe the color of the leaves, the shape, listen to birds chirping, and feel the abundance around.❤️🎁

2. Especially when using fb, feel the joy when you see happy pictures of your friends, family members or even your own pics. Offer gratitude❤️🎁

3. Allow yourself that joy, you’ve held yourself back from. That sweet treat, that extra hour of tv or fb or may be bunking the gym for a day, whatever it is! You deserve it❤️🎁

4. Day dream about beautiful scenarios of vacations in places you’ve deeply desired to visit! Imagine them happening and share with others your desire to be there❤️🎁

5. Share your meal, pocket money, salary, lunch , whatever that you love with someone who also deserves to have it. Share as much as you please❤️🎁 yes SHARE❤️🎁

6. Tell your family members, how much they mean to you. In words, letters, on fb, in messages, however! Let them know they are a gift in your life, n offer gratitude for their presence ❤️🎁

7. Smile at strangers, and pass on the gratitude! Say hi if they do❤️🎁 say hi even if they don’t. Feel the warmth of your heart and let it spread across❤️🎁

8. If doing this more often is tough, do it once a day. Do something that pleases you, and fills you with joy irrespective of what others say or think about you.

9. Be you! Irrespective of the adjectives. Lazy, angry, loving, forgiving, emotional, kiddo, sweet, sexy whatever!! Just be YOU! That is exactly why you are alive, right?❤️🎁

10. Let others be too!! Quit your judging hat n allow others to be who they are.not everyone has to think like you. Appreciate differences and let them coexist.

This is all for today.

Lots of love and great vibes..



Forgiveness = love!

Forgiveness is a beautiful act of love! It’s a loud shout out saying ‘love wins’. 

If each one of us lived as our highest selves, there would be no need for forgiveness. Cuz we all would be love personified. Each one of us would only offer love in our thoughts, words and actions. Yet we are humans, we make mistakes and we learn from our mistakes. 

Forgiveness is an act that allows us to connect with our highest selves. How?

If I insulted you, its obvious I’m disconnected from my highest self. Yet, this is an opportunity for you to realize that I am human, I made a mistake. You can choose to be love! You can choose to forgive me, and let love win!! At least one of us gets to be ‘love’.

I insult you, and yet you got to thank me cuz I was responsible for letting you connect with your best and highest self that is love 🙂 I gave you that opportunity to forgive me, and thus connected you with love!!

Our world is going through a similar phase. All of us have multitudes of opportunities for forgiving the ones who have lost track of what humanity is all about. If we get angry and hurt our fellow human beings, because they hurt us, love loses – all in all.

And it’s not just about forgiving others. It’s time we forgive ourselves as well, for not being at our best behavior in the past. I made mistakes, hurt people, said mean things – all of which wasn’t my truest yearning. I made mistakes and I am human. Yet I choose to forgive myself cuz I have to step up now. Forgiveness is love, love always wins!

Like they say, to appreciate the sweetness of sugar one needs to taste something bitter, similarly, if I have to connect with my loving self I need to make the mistakes that allow me the joy of forgiving myself..

It’s not all that hard. The souls that have chosen to painfully end their lives in these times of turmoil, have done us all a huge favor, cuz by doing so they have created millions of opportunities across the globe for forgiveness.

I forgive you all my fellow human beings, in spite of you acting at the lowest possible level you could by killing others of your kind. And I thank you for giving me this opportunity of forgiving you.

Love wins! Love always does…

The easy way out!!

So often unknowingly we pick the easy choice out!! We are so unaware or rather totally working in an auto pilot mode that we seldom even catch ourselves choosing the easy way out!!

Today I had a tough time getting change to pay the rickshaw guy!! I had to pay him 30 n only had a 100!! He denied having any change so I asked so many people around, politely but everyone was kinda unaffected!!

I almost thought of giving the rick guy the 100 but before that he took some effort and paid me the change!!

For a moment I felt so pissed at all of them! Was about to feel the anger within when it struck me that so many times I’ve felt lazy when someone has asked for change, and so many times I’ve been indifferent..

That awareness brought me back to feeling gratitude for the availability of change and also gratitude for the awareness that saved me some time wasted (in getting angry and cooling down too)

I felt sorry for all those times when I’ve resisted even looking into my wallet and shown unwillingness to help 😦

Surely il be more aware next time and not choose the easy option out!! Easy options always come with excuses, excuses that justify us the choice of the easy option..

This awareness does bring me a lot of hope, hope of being a better human being , one who is less lazy and one who chooses the tough choice 🙂

Choosing the tough route does bring some strength 🙂
Surprised to feel the ton loads of gratitude that fills my tiny heart 🙂