Something new!! Like has never happened before..

An emotion, a feeling, may be a person, or an idea..

That freshness of an experience for the first time..


Some food you tried for the very first time

Or a color you saw, that you have never seen before

May be the sunrise in the most beautiful fashion


A road you took that you had never taken

Or a dress that makes you look new

Music like you’ve never heard before


A wish, that is crisp and new,

Visited you for the very first time

That watch or probably that view


n waters like never before

A city different from yours

A language you have never heard or spoken


A movie that breaks ground

A smile that makes you feel special

Familiar eyes in stranger skin


Meeting your country men in a different country

Speaking your heart sans words

Wishing differently than all others you know


Choosing something new

A new flavor, or maybe new company

A different date


Waking each day at a different hour

The birds chirping a new tale

Making tea unpredictably


That space of NEW,

unexplored territory

Exactly why life feels alive