A New Life Every Year!!!

This is YOUR n only YOUR life. You get to play with it!!

Like you do when you go to a restaurant, don’t like the menu, move out n go to another restaurant.. Then you order something, ‘nahhh’ ..change your order n finally eat something you’ve never intended to in the real place..

Yeah life is here to thrill you!!

if you already know what you wanna achieve in this lifetime, GREAT!!!

If you don’t know, and you’re really hungry to know : even better!!!!!

And if your ideas keep changing, the world may say you’re a nut case…but believe me, you’re in the best of best spaces where you just want more out of life..

N that’s the gift this life offers..

Pasta..nah.. Sizzling brownie..nah.. Maybe an ice tea..
Nah.. Hmmm Nachos!!!! Yeah okay Nachos!!!

N the world expects you to eat nachos every time you’re hungry!!!!

Mad or what????

To be born in this life, n want the same thing again n again!!!

No way!!! We want more…. 

I wanna write more books , yes…even before writing one book, I wanna write 16 books!!

N I wanna create more energy art, and teach the world how to create it!! Even before reaching out to hundred people, I wanna reach out to this whole world..

N I want a new set of dreams every year!!!

Yeah may be next year after writing 7 books, I may dump writing n become a world traveller..

Imagined that??? Wow!!!! A new life every year!!! 

And this image above, is one (largest part) of the seven parts of my vision board!!!

Why not??? 

My son teaches me this lesson, cuz every single moment he wants to do some thing new..

N before the world can label him as ‘a big dreamer’, ‘indecisive’, ‘too small’ I’m gonna support him by following him..by teaching him, that he is here with answers to every question I have ever asked..

I do not teach him.. I only learn..


Wanna join the Co-Achiever’s Club?

Join the club, and gift yourself, a Co-Achiever!!

Who is a Co-Achiever? – One who is willing to Co-Achieve.

Achiever is a person who achieves!! Here, we wanna multiply the joy, at a speed faster than light!! So we wanna not just Achieve, but Co-Achieve..

What one has to do to be a Co-Achiever? – Simply support your Co-Achiever to Achieve & your Co-Achiever does the same..

If you’re willing to let the trust take you over, if you’re willing to let go off yourself & allow the awareness to take charge, if you’re willing to meet your co-achiever, knowing no background of his/her ,yet confident that the process will support both of you, to Co-achieve…… Please Join us..

The principles of Co-Achieving!!

~ Agreement to be a Co-Achiever – No formal agreement friends.. The agreement that we do with our souls, with ourselves.. That’s it!!

~ Mutually Active Listening – When Co-achiever’s listen, they drop off their judgements, they listen with a simple intention of ‘LISTENING’ and clarify -what they listen is what the Co-Achiever means..

~ Co- Creating Awareness – Support your Co-Achiever to know themselves better n better!! How, Simply by mirroring their thoughts back to them.. Mirroring can take place only when ‘Pure Listening’ takes place

~  Co- Designing Planning, Goal Setting & Actions – Help your Co-Achiever choose their Goals & Action Plans & they do the same for you…

~ Monitoring Mutual Progress and Accountability – Support your Co-Achiever in getting more accountable by demonstrating how you are more accountable.. Take Charge, Achieve Goals & support others to do the same..

Believe And you will BE!!

The Co-Achiever’s Club is rocking with 2 Co-Achiever’s & we know that very soon sky is gonna be the limit!!

Anyone interested in joining the Co-Achiever’s Club? The only fee to be paid here is your Full Intention & Complete Faith- in your own self..

To know more, please contact:

The idea behind “Co-Achiever’s Club” -Mugdha Shah@ Skype: mugdha.shah121

Co-Achiever @ “Co-Achiever’s Club” – Shraddha Trasi @ skype: shraddha.trasi

Fool yourself into doing something you never wanted to do :)

An  awesome idea – Fool yourself for your growth 🙂

Fooling here is in a very playful n positive manner, provided the ‘something’ that you’re gonna fool urself in doing is worth the fooling effort- lol 🙂

Just figured out couple of days back,in an AHA moment with my Coach -Shakti, that I hate to bring discipline into my life simply because SPONTANEITY, creativity is a value that’s spells me. So I figured out, when I push myself to follow a schedule (read discipline) ,I decide to fail.

Today, after figuring this out, I challenged myself to add some necessary discipline into my life – Not cuz I wanna make it a schedule but cuz I wanna challenge myself to get it done. And yes, I feel the energy..

Just moved it from being pushed to being challenged 🙂 So, I’ve successfully fooled myself for my better 🙂

And the side effect is here 🙂

Have you ever done this? Its something definitely worth trying !!