That traitor you’ve got to kick!!

Yeah, helps you feel safe as he stabs you in the back, not once or twice but constantly on a regular basis. Makes you feel special in the most ugliest of ways, ensures that you not only look bad but feel bad as well, and is your safest bet to jump in for all the stuff that’s unhealthy for you. Yeah!! That traitor is your so called ‘best buddy’ & you got to kick him outta your life!!

If you’ve not guessed it this far, probably you’re the one who needs to kick him right away! Who?

Guilt!!! Yeah!

You decide to enroll for that Zumba class & after a few weeks you lose track. You choose to maintain a strict diet & in few days you feel like hitting on those desserts. You choose to spend more time with your kid than your phone & in few days your phone turns out dearer. You choose to finish that assignment much before that deadline but you let yourself off the hook..

So what!!! You are okay! You should be okay! But you’re not?

Cuz this traitor, simply makes you hog onto those desserts every single day, cuz you broke the rule once. It makes sure you ditch your exercise regime, cuz you slept in one day.

This traitor simply makes you feel sorry for the ‘rule-breaking’ and helps you continue on that path. Simply by helping you feel sorry each and every time.

How does feeling sorry help you? Just makes you feel safe! Helps you feel adequate for all that unhealthy stuff you’ve given entry to.

As against feeling guilty, why not take action!

Action on the other hand, gives you positive reinforcement. Take one small baby step in the right direction, especially when you’ve broken the rule! Feel great instead of sorry, cuz you’ve taken that little break today when you’ve chosen to break the rule. You’re not going to breaking rules every single day? Then why feel sorry or guilty?

Instead take Action! That one small baby step.


Ate desserts? Fine! Stick to your regular tomorrow.

Missed Zumba for 2 weeks? Fine! Start going in the 3rd week.

Didn’t choose your baby over your phone? Fine! Choose your baby now.

Couldn’t close on that deadline? Fine! A day or two late, isn’t very bad!!

Take Action!! Choose Action over Guilt!! Cuz Action takes you forward 🙂