Underrated GRATITUDE, our key to abundance❤️🎁

Wanna catch a glimpse of abundance? Go to the beach, and into shallow, ankle deep waters. Now look at the sea!

That is abundance ❤️

Irrespective of how deep you’re into the waters, you will get overwhelmed at the endless quantity out there❤️🎁

Yep! That’s abundance..

And you’re born into it❤️🎁

No choice to any life (human, worm,bird, beast) whatsoever! Whether or not they wanna experience it, they just got to…. cuz life is abundance..

We humans tune ourselves out of it, by under rating all the joys we already have, that spins us off into a cycle of lack.

Take time today to offer gratitude for the food in your plate, the great and secure sleep you are blessed with, good water to drink, a beautiful family to take care of you, a space you call home, hugs and kisses full of love, nature and its bounty around, …

Raindrops on roses, and whiskers on kittens ..❤️🎁 that’s probably how this song got written, overflowing with gratitude..

Check it out as you make your gratitude list ❤️My favorite things❤️ 

A beautiful goose bumpy song❤️

This song, always reminds me of all the mistakes I’ve made in life, yet leaves me feeling so empowered and positive❤️
It reminds me of my lows, of missing my Ammamma (my hubby’s maternal grand mom) n wishing she were here for just one more minute, for me to tell her, how much she made a difference to my life..

I wish I could tell her how much her hugs meant😓

Times when I would feel low, n ask her for a hug, she would gladly oblige! When I’d say ‘thank you’ ,she’d say come on, it’s not such a big deal…

It is such a big deal today! I know u hear me n send me loads of love..

I can sense your blessings following me everywhere, ure that good luck charm of mine, living inside me yet invisible..

I miss you ‘physically’ n wish I’d taken your words more seriously..

I know you’re in a super happy place, where you know how powerful you are❤️

You’re not the sad Ammamma I once knew, who had a heart overflowing with love..

You’re now the super being, who is the heart full of love!

I’m so happy I met you…

You leave me feeling more empowered than sad! Thank you Ammamma for being an inspiration in ways I can’t explain..