Toxic personalities – what to do with them?

The effect that toxic people have on us is too contagious even to be observed ..

Even before you know, the toxic personality has passed on the toxicity and there’s a pretty bright chance that we may carry the chain reaction till some one brave chooses to do something about it!!

Have you met people who have no sense of appreciation about anything happening around them? They keep whining all the time, complaining , blaming??

Some choose to feel better about themselves by putting down the others around.. They may say mean things to you or about you behind your back and that is because they feel inadequate themselves..

These people seriously need way too much love than we think they do!! And I’m not being sarcastic here.

Their need for love gets manifested in the form of their toxicity!! When we are sick , we need to be taken care of, we feel like being loved.. And when someone does that we heal better

A toxic person is in a similar state!! Needs healing and love ..

If the next time we meet or interact with a toxic person, if we can step back and see the real cause of their toxicity – I will offer tons of gratitude to the universe for allowing me to see and share this lesson 🙂

Lights ….Camera…. INACTION ????

Does this happen with us? Oh may be it doesnt happen with everyone.. but it surely happens with me mostly all the time.. And when i say all the time, i really mean all the time…

And i want to acknowledge myself for coming to this awesome awareness that “Yes!! Most of my exciting plans end up as flops cuz of INACTION”… cuz now atleast ive admitted to myself, that “Yes… I procrastinate all the time.. I delay all those things that are very exciting but seem slightly difficult or tough to reach.. & i end up killing all the excitement & most importantly I end up GIVING UP ON MYSELF!! ”

“Yayyy!!! I end up giving up on myself…I am such a loser”

Am i crazy? have i gone bonkers? Am i really celebrating my loser attitude???

Not really!!

Cuz knowing and accepting that ive been a loser, for so many years of my life gives me now, the power to choose.. Do i still wanna be a loser?

Knowing that I had so many beautiful dreams that had the power, yet i dint trust myself enough to get carried away with them gives me now, the power to decide- If i wanna continue doing what i did, or change sumthing about myself..

Knowing that ive given up on so many exciting things that i still very much believe in- gives me, the power to reflect.. IF these things are still close to my heart- THEN WHY AM I NOT TAKING ACTION?

So, yes.. Im celebrating my attitude of getting back.. This is not the first time im celebrating this.. Few months back, i thought id got back, and then i lost myself in INACTION.. and now again im getting back with a bang..

This time knowing that its not a switch.. But il have to make many attempts …rather continuous attempts to change.. till Action becomes a part of me..

And thats when i know, my Coach will help me!! Im working with 2 awesome Coaches..

One of them is an Indian, settled in Oman. His very welcoming tone and full on energetic voice, greeting me with a ” Shraddha… How are you?? How have you been in the last week?” just energises me …He very slowly and gracefully pulls me out of inaction, sumtimes, i dont even notice that he’s doing that…

My second Coach is from Vietnam, and she brings a lot of warmth & flexibility to our sessions.. She helps me with different tools, and is very prompt in her ability to give me something that suits me, very supportive in providing me with a host of options to choose from..

So ..Working with 2 very beautiful coaches, gives me the confidence now, that I can stay on track!!

My problem never was initiation.. I could then and can do even now… i can easily initiate many new challenging things.. I need a support system to help me keep track.. & i was aware of it then too and am quite aware now, just that i wasnt really prepared to tackle my issue of keeping focus..

Last week, I celebrated this achievement in my teleclass!! My achievement of realising that I AM Consistent… Atleast when blogging is concerned, I am consistent.. Its my passion that keeps me hooked to it & without anyone asking me to do it, i can consistently go on blogging!! & that was a huge achievement for me.. Cuz i never thought the word consistent could ever describe me..& now it does…

Does that mean, that we dont necessarily procrastinate everything in this world? Then what aspect about the activity, makes us prone to keep it for later.. May be it is:

~ the difficulty level.. If its difficult or tough for us to do, its just easier that we keep it for later

~ the percentage of unknown/ novelty… If there are many aspects about the activity that we are not fully aware of, it will be easier to just put it away

~ our confidence levels of attempting it… Maybe this is linked with difficulty.. which means that if i feel im not very confident enough to take it up, i’l keep it for later

~ the risk involved… May be if i fail at this activity, il lose a lot of ……what? may be my reputation.. or may be my rating in that annual appraisal…

Oh Gr8!! So its these things and may be many more that stop us, resist us from taking Action!!

So now we know, its quite natural, for me, you and may be all of us, to protect ourselves in a cocoon of Inaction.. It does feel cozy and warm, but the lack of challenge & the feeling that theres a lot more to us, will surely help us get back into Action…

Signing off for now.. but will be back with effective goal setting & being always in a positive space of Action..So till then ..It better be “Lights Camera & loads of Action..”

Just imagine this day in ur life…

Just imagine this day in your life…..

when u have been gifted with a 20,000 rupees shopping voucher!! Ure very excited!! You think about all that can be done with 20,000 Rs & suddenly it strikes you, that its not real cash but it’s a shopping voucher.

The value of 20,000 Rs. on the voucher continues to excite you n  after thinking about it for a while you decide that you will use this voucher to enhance your wardrobe!! We always have flowing wardrobes, with clothes popping out of it..yet, we still think its a good idea to add on to that flow 🙂 No Probs… Just imagine…

U go to the biggest super market around n u r thrilled thinking about the opportunity of being able to spend Rs. 20,000 on buying clothes!! Wowww… 20,000 does mean a lot, you say in your mind..

My reader friends may disagree with me about all that ive mentioned so far..No probs..Ure losing nothing by imagining my story.. So just imagine..

U’ve selected a lot of stuff!! Very beautiful n expensive clothes.. You go to the billing counter and royally display the voucher. The guy smiles happily at you n packs all the clothes nicely and hands it over to you!! How are you feeling right now??

Gr8!!! Thrilled?? Very excited… Woww very beautiful!! I can feel ur excitement.

Now there’s a small catch here. This mega superstore did not have any trial rooms n u had to select all the stuff based on your judgement of size!!

Unfortunately or not.. all the clothes u bought don’t seem to b fitting u well.. I know I know … youre already disagreeing with me BIG TIME and have counter arguements ready to strike me with!! Chillax friends…Just be in the shoes of this person n think about the situation!! How do you feel??

Angry!! Frustrated!! U feel u wasted a lot of ur time! U feel u shud not have got excited thinking about the new stuff that wud be housed by ur wardrobe!! Ure surely feeling very upset n whats goin on in ur mind?

Are you cursing the person who gifted you the voucher in the first place? Are u saying “Why did he have to gift this to me..I was so better off without it.. ”

Why curse that poor guy? He gifted it with a hope tat ul feel very happy!! Its sad that you dint end up feeling good..

Now imagine… just few days back u had the opportunity of visiting ur tailor! He had noted down your measurements on a piece of paper. This paper happened to be with you when you were in the shopping store. N cuz of that, u were able to buy so many clothes which are of course fittin u so well..

Now how do u feel?? Are you in any mood of now blaming the guy who gifted you the voucher? Im sure you’ll call him and thank him for his generosity!

Okay story’s over!! Whats the moral?

Knowing your measurements made you select the perfect stuff, n you admired the person’s generosity cuz he gifted you the voucher!

Not knowing your measurements made you select the stuff that wasnt perfect for you, n you hated and cursed the person who gifted you the voucher!!

The person who was generous enough to gift something valuable, never changed his stance!! He always intended to make you happy!! Then why should we blame him friends!!

Lets look at real life now. This story is not hypothetical.. We do this all the time in our lives.. Buying clothes is very very easy n thats not the case with our life!!

When we’re stuck up in the wrong job, wrong city, with the wrong spouse,into wrong relationships, n anything tats not working for us.. What do we do? We blame the almighty!! Dont we do it? He just gifts us with opportunities, that are waiting to get converted into successes!!

Lets face the truth!! WE DONT KNOW OUR MEASUREMENTS!!! and all the time, we make decisions based on our ‘so called size judgements’.. and then do what?

Blame the Almighty!! So very easy!!! … it just puts us out of action..He did it to me.. He doesnt want me to be happy!!

What have you done to be HAPPY??? Give me one good action that u’ve taken towards your happiness…

Does this make you think? Im included in the audience n it did make me think!!

Im getting to know my MEASUREMENTS!! What about YOU?