‘x’ number of things, ‘y’ people do!!! No.. don’t do…

Let’s face it!! That beautiful space we go to for a tiny break is the fb app on our phones. We are scrolling, sharing, reading, liking stuff here almost all the time.


Articles like these come as a refreshing break. More often than not, we are reading any and every article that seems or sounds like our help to get better. We are taking those quizzes to know our IQ, EQ, which celebrity we look like, our strengths, our secrets..list is long..

It is interesting! Curiosity isn’t bad!! Yeah but you know what I think?

We read all this stuff all the time. It does boost our esteem when we see we resemble a great looking star or our age is guessed incorrectly (like we would love to hear). Its great to feel great about ourselves!! But why do we need these articles to tell us all that stuff?

My experience with reading such stuff has been that I tend to look at all the stuff I’m not. The first thought that comes to my head is inadequacy. If the 22 things that beautiful women have in common, aren’t those that I do, there’s a thought that says ‘so you’re not beautiful. Forget it’.

I’ve traveled this rough road hard enough to know that I am beautiful in my own ways & that only I can allow myself to believe ‘I’m not beautiful’.

But what about others? The naive who have yet to figure what beauty or confidence or whatever..is all about.

As a new mom, I also used to read a lot about being mommy and what other moms do. I saw that its easy to feel guilty about the stuff you’re not doing rather than feel happy about the stuff that’s working for you.

Unless we really tune our antennas to pick that good stuff, we should be thinking twice about what we are reading online. At least that’s what I do.

Cuz, this stuff has an effect on our subconscious. What we are seeing/ reading/ doing is constantly shaping us without our awareness.

That’s what I think! What do you think? No offense towards anyone who enjoys reading these articles. Simply a thought put forward or maybe a question “Are these articles really serving you?”