Wow! A pure intention will always bear fruit❤️

Waiting for the dominos effect to take place soon❤️

These are times we@intuned live for❤️

Gratitude, planet loads of it❤️


What is Intuned??

I’ve got this question from many friends and acquaintances pertaining to the business I’ve recently started. So what is ‘Intuned’ and what kind of business is it in? Lemme attempt to answer this here❤️🎁

Intuned is a pure intention, of supporting others in CREATING their life vs. being a victim of it!

Intuned, is our endeavor to create alignment, as more and more people start creating lives they have only desired in their dreams.
Why??? Cuz it is meant to be this way!

All of our dreams are meant to come true, life is meant to be easy and joyful, purposeful and prosperous! NOT JUST FOR ME, but for every one alive!!!
Just because we have made our lives tough and rough, doesn’t mean it has to be that way!

Let’s become aware of the energy we hold, cuz this energy draws everything into our life❤️🎁

When my heart desired to be a writer, a social worker, a coach, an insurance advisor and an artist I never imagined I would be living this life of multiple roles and meaningful purpose❤️
I am loving and living this life NOW exactly as I desired it five years back!

And this is true with every one of us alive!

We at Intuned are committed to supporting you to realize this truth❤️

Are you willing to create a life that thrills you? A life that is exactly aligned to your desires??

If yes, you are ready to be INTUNED❤️🎁!!!!

Right away, leave an email to Aryaa (Aryaa.akshay@intuned.in)! 
We are SOOOOOO excited to support you in this journey❤️

Magic awaits you!!! Are you ready to be Intuned?

There is an energy each one of us brings into the world! 

It’s a unique energy. The energy imprint,cannot be duplicated. The effect I have on someone, can never be the same effect you have on that person. The energy is so unique.

This unique energy isn’t all the time ‘nice-n-fun’! Take for example,my energy is all over the place! 

If I start talking/ text chatting, it can sometimes be draining the other person (read husband). Yet, this is the effervescence around myself. The energy is loud and moving!

If I tune into my highest intention, this energy can shake a lethargic person into taking action! It is that powerful.

If I judge this energy based on the (sometimes draining) impact it has on others, I will be forced to kick it away. Though this appears like a safe option in order that I be liked by general public, it kills the very essence of my existence.

I am alive because this energy has a unique purpose to fulfil! I cannot even attempt to judge it. It’s okay if I’m disliked by few or many, as long as my people love me! They will love me for who I am, not who I pretend to be.

And this level of self -love is cheered for, and imitated at ‘Intuned’

If we got to tune into our highest self, we got to be okay with being who we really are!

And that’s when the magic starts to roll into our lives. The magic that shakes things, magic that makes you fall in love with your city, or your planet, your street or may be the flower that’s fallen from the tree..
It suddenly makes you alive, and gives a vent to your dreams! 

It makes dreams come true, to life!!!

And this is the magic that happens at INTUNED!!

Are you ready to be Intuned???

Launching Soon! Brand INTUNED❤️

Hello Mighties!

Super excited to share an exciting piece of news!

My second baby,brand Intuned, is soon gonna carve out an identity for itself. Making the grand entry into the physical plane on a special date, 30th May 2016 (a date that’s lucky cuz it’s my lil sis Aditi’s birthday) 😍, Intuned is here with a very pure intention and soul.

The intention to serve our fellow beings on this planet, to support them in creating a life that is fulfilling, a life that radiates joy and one that serves them with the abundance that they imagined for themselves.

The Starbucks space, (as shared in my vision with close friends) holds a special place in my heart!! One on one sessions with clients will be held at any of the Starbucks outlets 😍😍😍 in Mumbai! 

Eventually, I know, the Starbucks @Fort, would be the Global Head Quarters for the Energy Shifting Center for our darling planet, and that my two inspirations, Mr. Howard Schultz of Starbucks & Shri. Modi Jee will be there to grace the occasion with their presence 😍❤️😍

Please bless brand Intuned, the Intuned family and the pure intention with which we are making it here on the earth plane!

Lots of exciting times ahead.