What’s wrong with ‘broken’?

I don’t know how we come to believe, that any conflicts/ issues that we have must be resolved??

N then in fixing them straight, all we do is think about them, focus on them. We beat the hell out of them n hence, they stay in our life for good. Isn’t it weird???

We can never fix anything up. We can accept it as perfect even when it appears to be broken, or else we forget about it for good. It is never gonna get fixed. It’s our flawed expectation that it should appear ‘fixed’

What’s wrong with broken??

Why can’t we live with something good, that isn’t great! Or live with ordinary, and see the extra ordinary in it??

Why can’t our focus be the one thing that’s extraordinary??

Why can’t our judgment be unconditional??

Why can’t we focus on the way we look at things rather than judge the things???

N if we can accept that the only control we have in this entire life is the control of the way we FEEL, the way we FOCUS, the way we JUDGE, we’re done with this life..

Life suddenly gets easy peasy.. N then we have some challenges that make it tough, n then we goof up.. N we celebrate being goofed up..

That’s how life was meant to be.. Who brought up the ‘ideal’ ..

The ideal is the wrecker..it wrecks it up for us playing the game n it wrecks the idea of the game itself..

But hello. Who is complaining???

Life was meant to be this way. Yes, exactly this way that it is, no other way!!


The perfection around is raw and ripe at the same time.

Raw cuz it appears to be lacking something it needs… like your toddlers room! The perfect mess, craved by people waiting to have kids around, yet in your eyes so ‘needing a tidy up’..

Ripe cuz it’s there waiting for you to see it like it is, ready and sweet with the lessons it has in store for you. 
It’s so perfect that we tend to overlook it or ignore it. Sometimes we’d rather see it as flawed than believe it to be perfect!

I don’t know why? Perfection is better when it’s unreachable? Does it make the journey exciting..

We can’t micro- control our lives to the extent of achieving that level of unreachable perfection… 

It’s like choosing to lose. 

We got it all right for us. We are winning. Why are people being killed in our perfect world then? 

I believe every soul chooses the journey and the experiences that it needs to grow before time. So when embodied, the soul has chosen to forget that all experiences are custom made for it, like the ala carte meal one chooses..

What lessons the soul learns are for the soul. I’ve realised suffering brings so much compassion along. Pain brings so much empathy along. 

Why would a soul choose pain and the trauma of losing its near ones? Cuz I guess it opens a huge door in our heart for love..

When we judge others, we are choosing to be narrow minded as opposed to open hearted! We prove to ourselves n the world that this is the only way I see it! I can look at it in hundred ways yet id rather choose to see you as an angry person.. Or anxious or unaccomodating or whining or whatever…

It’s time to see the perfection around!! Can happen only in this beautiful world. That each n every soul makes ones choices culminating in such beautiful perfection…  

How would you describe the perfection around? 

Would you like to see it as perfect?