The easy way out!!

So often unknowingly we pick the easy choice out!! We are so unaware or rather totally working in an auto pilot mode that we seldom even catch ourselves choosing the easy way out!!

Today I had a tough time getting change to pay the rickshaw guy!! I had to pay him 30 n only had a 100!! He denied having any change so I asked so many people around, politely but everyone was kinda unaffected!!

I almost thought of giving the rick guy the 100 but before that he took some effort and paid me the change!!

For a moment I felt so pissed at all of them! Was about to feel the anger within when it struck me that so many times I’ve felt lazy when someone has asked for change, and so many times I’ve been indifferent..

That awareness brought me back to feeling gratitude for the availability of change and also gratitude for the awareness that saved me some time wasted (in getting angry and cooling down too)

I felt sorry for all those times when I’ve resisted even looking into my wallet and shown unwillingness to help 😦

Surely il be more aware next time and not choose the easy option out!! Easy options always come with excuses, excuses that justify us the choice of the easy option..

This awareness does bring me a lot of hope, hope of being a better human being , one who is less lazy and one who chooses the tough choice 🙂

Choosing the tough route does bring some strength 🙂
Surprised to feel the ton loads of gratitude that fills my tiny heart 🙂