Fool yourself into doing something you never wanted to do :)

An  awesome idea – Fool yourself for your growth 🙂

Fooling here is in a very playful n positive manner, provided the ‘something’ that you’re gonna fool urself in doing is worth the fooling effort- lol 🙂

Just figured out couple of days back,in an AHA moment with my Coach -Shakti, that I hate to bring discipline into my life simply because SPONTANEITY, creativity is a value that’s spells me. So I figured out, when I push myself to follow a schedule (read discipline) ,I decide to fail.

Today, after figuring this out, I challenged myself to add some necessary discipline into my life – Not cuz I wanna make it a schedule but cuz I wanna challenge myself to get it done. And yes, I feel the energy..

Just moved it from being pushed to being challenged 🙂 So, I’ve successfully fooled myself for my better 🙂

And the side effect is here 🙂

Have you ever done this? Its something definitely worth trying !!