How my coach ripped off an unwanted Underlying Belief (UB)!!

Written on 24th Sept. 11.24 pm

I couldn’t stop myself from posting this here!
An AHA moment just dropped by me today in a coaching session!! My Coach -Shakti Ghosal,successfully ripped off this underlying belief I had, that

‘I have to protect myself from people who are out there to talk ill of me! I have to keep myself safe, by not interacting with them’

Underlying Beliefs exist @ the core, unseen yet affecting every minute of our life!!

This underlying belief, was harming me a lot cuz I am an Extrovert, who loves interacting with people. I can make friends and connect to people instantly. But what I was actually doing, was exactly the opposite & this UB was responsible for it..

Slowly, I realized, I was not ‘the real me’ most of the time. And this matters a lot to me, cuz I love to be trusted & I also loved to trust people before.. I can’t bear that most of my time, I’m wearing a mask, n being the unreal me. I knew this, but never really gave it a thought..

Im lucky that today’s session I was kinda blank, with no other issue & off the shelf, this one came & it started getting intense n intense..

In the end, I got this amazing feeling of lightness!! This session was a ‘goose bumpy’ one cuz I was facing new stuff n new thoughts, I was becoming more self aware n listening n seeing myself well..

My take away- What people speak of me has got nothing to do with who I am!! Its got to do with who they are!! Why should I stop being ‘ME’ ?? However they would want to judge me, just shows up of what they’re made of..

It has got nothing to do with ‘WHO I AM!!!’

Cheers to you Shakti, for making me feel so empowered & light!!
Cheers to me, for realising this (with ur support- offcourse;)) n intending to take action -to be the real me, all of my time