What does ‘Passion’ mean to me?

I call myself a Passion Coach & I do so very proudly! Not the ‘Pride has a fall’ pride, but ‘it fills my heart with pride’ pride 🙂

I didn’t know what passion was, until I knew, what the absence of passion was! Absence of passion, made me struggle for more than 8 years, made me feel depressed, made me feel a significant loss of energy, made me feel like I’m operating in ‘AUTO MODE’ all the time, made me feel ‘useless’

N now, my passion energizes me! It creates energy in moments when I’m drop dead ‘TIRED’, it allows me to create opportunities where none exist & most importantly, it makes me feel important & I feel a strong sense of “I contribute to the well being of this world”

So what are my passions?

~ I love writing & this blog is my passion 🙂

~ I love supporting people to align their passions with their career/ life & my job is now my passion

~ Being with my family & my ‘fun family’ time – is my passion

~ Being very creative n spontaneous is my passion

~ Capturing nature n its beauty is my passion & my galleria is proof of that 😉

~ Seeing the divine in music, feeling an internal connection with myself thru music -is my passion

So knowing all my passions, what do you think passion means for me!!

Light @ the end of the tunnel – This is how my passion makes me shine 🙂

Its just a beautiful feeling, where I can see my inner self shining! I can hear my soul smiling n giggling 🙂 This feeling, drives me to stretch myself, this feeling gives me pure joy, pure bliss..

My passion disconnects me with my materialistic self! My passion never asks me, how much will you earn from this, cuz in return it gives me so much of pure bliss, that money can never ever even dream of doing

My passion drives me to believe, that I’l do my best to support all those who choose to live a life of purpose, a life of value n a life of alignment!! Alignment with their inner self, alignment with their dreams 🙂

This is the power of my passion!! What does Passion mean for you? What power does it give you?

If you want to explore what Passion means to you, we could have a chat 🙂 Feel free to connect with me🙂

signing off with some food for thought!



PS- Sharing my intention of writing a book on ‘self love’  🙂

The pleasure of finding the ‘Perfect Fit’!!

Perfectly MISFIT!! Isn’t it?

Have you wondered ever, what would life be if we all used ‘not so perfectly fitting’ stuff?

Like a pair of overly loose or very tight shoes, wearing  super tight pair of jeans, using spectacles of a higher power, eating more junk food, having a super soft couch that troubles your back, having a very hard mattress that irritates n hurts, using a hard brush that bleeds your gums..??

Have you imagined how one would feel using such mis fit stuff?

A few days back, I faced the worst 20 minutes of my life..May be I’m exaggerating, but I felt horrible, really very horrible.I was in a trial situation, literally, the situation tried me out!!

I had to try a costume, that was supposedly stitched as per my size, but was indeed many many sizes tighter!! Outcome- I was struggling for almost 20 minutes to get off something that wasn’t fit for me, something that made me freak out completely n left me experiencing total discomfort. I was almost in tears and was praying to god, to get me out of this, literally!!

It may sound funny now, but it was a traumatic experience for me. I couldn’t ask for help, couldn’t help myself and felt so very uneasy. I didn’t feel so uneasy when I was getting into it, rather it was quite effortless..

Finally after the 20 traumatic minutes, I somehow managed to pull myself out of this stuff & thanked god for saving me a lot of embarrassment!! This is a true incident that freaked the hell out of me, around 10 days back or so.

Have you thought about how this happens to us in our life?

How we get into all the unhealthy eating habits, a life of no exercise, a life of less discipline, waking up whenever we feel like, going to bed very late at night………

The list could be really looong. How we get into a wrong relationship or maybe many wrong ones, may be a really bad work atmosphere, a job that we hate from the bottom of our socks, bad company of not so perfect friends……

Have you thought about the trauma your body and your soul faces when its into a NOT SO PERFECT situation?

Believe Me, EACH ONE OF US IS WORTHY OF A LIFE WE LOVE!! And it may sound like a lot of effort to get into this perfect fit, that each one of us wishes for, but, in the end -ITS TOTALLY WORTH IT!!

Have you ever given a thought to what’s your perfect fit life? How does it look like? Does it look possible?

If you have the will to get into this perfect fit life & have trouble figuring out your answers, find yourself a COACH -like I did. Why a Coach, and not anyone else?, now that’s for you to figure out!!



Who the hell needs GOALS!!!

‘Why do we have to plan our life!! Lets just take it one day at a time and i am not so dumb yaar!! Come on!! Sumthing good will definitely happen to me and i’l be doing well in life’

Dont we really say this to ourselves all the time? We dont say it out loud, but definitely INACTION finds its roots somewhere in such thoughts!! I recollect few lines from a marathi song by Sandip Khare which go on like:

'kalun yeta jagnyachiya evalishi trijyaa
udun jati attarapari jaganyachya maujaa
daari nahi phirakat kuthala nava chhand chala
rakhan karit basato yethe sadaiv kanatala
kantalyacha dekhil ata kantala yeto
atasha mi fakt rakane divsanche bharato
chakoriche khardun kagad sahis pathavato'

Excuse me for my translation skills..yet ive made a fair attempt to convey the feelings conveyed by the author.

The lines above say, “knowing that, the interest i take in living my life, follows a very small radius, all my enthusiasm has vanished into thin air, just like perfume!! Not a single new hobby or interest,bothers to knock at my door cuz the door is strongly guarded by ‘boredom’.

The lines go on to say that ‘ Boredom! Boredom! Im am now bored of even getting bored. I just continue filling my box with days, scribbling my signature on small bits of papers and forwarding them ahead!!’

Woww!! The song truly captures the emotions of COMFORTABLE INACTION!!

And though it feels very very cozy and comfortable it does create a sense of Purposelessness!! The temptation of moving back into a slow life of no goals, no milestones and more importantly NO ACTION is surely irresistible.

So How serious am I about the way I want to spend the 24 priceless hours in my day? Time anyway flies..from hours into days and from days to weeks and finally into months and into loooooong years of loads of INACTION!!

So my way of combating my INACTION is in owning goals! Ive made a small list of them. But for starters, we can make atleast one goal. To identify this goal id luv to share an exercise given by Mr. Bill Turpin- my teleclass instructor at ICA. This is the exercise that pulled me into Action!

1. Draw 5 boxes/ squares – 1.5 x 1.5 inch roughly in size, one next to the other in a line.

2. Number the boxes from 1 to 5, by writing the number above each square.

3.  In the first box- write a goal/ activity that you have been wanting to do since a long time.

4. In the second box- write the date/ duration since when you have wanted to achieve this goal

5. In the third box, mention the obstacle that has been stopping you from achieving this goal

6. In the fourth box, write the actions that you have taken in the last 24 hours to achieve this goal

7. Please mention how would you feel if you were able to achieve and fulfil this goal.

Signing off at this point as this exercise is bound to open each one of us towards something big, just as it did for me.

Please feel free to share, what opened up for you, after goin thru this small exercise!! It definitely stirred me up into action & more on that in a few days!!

Thanks Bill for this awesum exercise & thank you all for your time & effort!! 🙂

Lets Own A Goal :)

I’ve read this cliched number of times that for being successful, one needs to organise oneself around GOALS!! Goals to which one can get committed to, and  that are attainable and realistic.

What happens if we don’t own a goal? Is it really important to have Goals? Lets just start with “What is a Goal?” Dictionary.com defines : A Goal is the result or achievement toward which effort is directed

Our Goals are actually pointers of what’s most important to us in our life!! Areas that we feel passionate about but yet, unable to dip ourselves into, lie in the form of untouched, ignored Goals!! In the absence of Goals,we breed a feeling that we are living a life, we actually don’t live. Our life is not fully a life of our choice!!

When do we sincerely make choices? We seriously CHOOSE only when we know that the outcome of our choice matters the most to us. There is a lot at stake in such choices for ex: choice of a profession, choice of a particular stream of education, choice of your life partner and so on

Making the right choice becomes easier when we orient ourselves around a goal! Our choices and their outcomes get the right perspective when they are evaluated in presence of a goal.

The game of football, hockey revolve around this word goal, with players synergising their efforts towards making a goal. All of us here are also playing this game of life! The risk of playing this game without knowing our goal is that we end up running helter skelter till our time is up, and we are totally unaware about our performance! How can we evaluate ourself if we have no goal?

So let’s own goals! Goals energise! Goals motivate! And im a live example here!!

Getting up at 6.30 am, within a second after hearing my alarm was a GOAL I had set in the year 2000!! It took me 12 years to sleep on my goal & one single day to decide-

“This is my life, I will not allow anyone to ruin it, NOT EVEN MY OWN SELF” & here i am!! Blogging at 7.57 am 🙂 after attending a teleclass from 6.30 to 7.30 am 🙂

Since 11th March 2012, Im getting up at 6.30 am & I will continue to do so!! This is my first stepping stone in my Journey of living a life of my dreams!!

I celebrated this achievement,a week back,  in all my teleclasses, in front of my peers from all across the globe!! (At International Coach Academy- its a ritual to announce your wins in front of a virtual class, connected thru telephone/web). And i was ecstatic to share this simple yet most meaningful achievement!!! 🙂

And you know how i feel?

WOWWWW!! Finally- Im In Charge 🙂