The fantabulous St(He)art❤️

Who would have imagined,

A messy desk, a tiny studio with all types of canvasses (undone ones, blank ones and magnificent ones) , a loud voice (and a huge canvas) and a message to express : an artist’s life is done!! 

My life begins here 🙂 Ive finally got a handle on my life purpose, and I’m loving the variety of it all.

A civil engineer, then a construction manager (lol is that me 😂) escapist who fled to HR cuz it seemed kinda sane, n then a training deputy manager who fled from a full time job cuz it seemed kinda sane, n then an internationally certified Passion Coach who fled away from coaching (cuz you know it seemed kinda sane) 

..only to land into being an Energy Artist cuz this time it felt like coming home..n it was this feeling of being away from home, that didn’t let me be a good engineer or a coach or a trainer or anything…

It’s been only 12 years since I finished Engineering and am glad I finally have my career on track ❤️

And this Energy Artist is out to conquer this world!! Hmmmm…sorry already done that ❤️

I figured that if I really desired to change the lives of all the beautiful people on this awesome planet, it would be simpler to change mine…

Cuz then automatically people would be drawn to me, cuz I have carved a path for myself where my life is exactly the way I desire it to be

N so!!! Here I am❤️

Starting a brand new career that lets me be an artist, a singer, a mom, a blogger, a writer, a traveller, a client to some of the most rocking coaches of this world 😍 a passionate coach who supports people in bringing back this feeling of finally coming home to life❤️

But the most important part is I love being ME❤️

A feeling I’d never experienced since I graduated as an engineer …

N thank god for the so called “wrong” choices, I finally have a life I super love almost all of the time..

Grateful and high after completing an art piece [the st(he)art]

~ aryaa

‘I can’t believe I did that!!!!’ – a chocolate statement

Yesterday, I was super thrilled with the way the weekend was spent, and that feeling kinda spilt into the week..I like to associate such happening weekends / days to chocolate..

Yummy, and they leave you feeling high.. N the taste of chocolate lingering in your mouth. Ooh, I just super love chocolate..

As I was flowing through the beauty of the days spent, I suddenly looked through my kid’s planner ( can you believe it his play school runs on schedule 😂). Wednesday 29th,was supposed to be the day for golden colored clothes..😳

Damn!! Assume hypothetically that I did have a golden colored tee or something for my son, the thought of getting him into it was troubling.. N I hate to force my thoughts on my kid. If he doesn’t like to wear it, so be it!!!

So here I was, unprepared. N it’s okay to default on your child’s play school plan 😜😂

N then, I told myself ‘it will be done! How, I don’t know n needn’t figure out. N yet it shall be done’

This thought made me feel better!! Twenty shades better, n so I stuck with it!

Today morning, I still had no idea what he’d be wearing!! N so out of a boring stance, I pulled out all his clothes out, as if I’d miraculously find something golden…

N I did!!!! I found an ethnic Kurta, that was gifted to him maybe more than a year back, n it had loads of golden embroidery on it!!!

Wow!!!! But he wasn’t willing to wear it 😊 n so I pushed it in his backpack n sent him to play school anyway!! Told his teacher to try her luck..

N when I went to pick him up, I was shocked!! There he was, looking handsome in a Kurta over jeans (really handsome) n I told myself ‘I can’t believe it I did it!!!’

N I guess I was prepared for it, but not really actively focusing on it..

N after this tiny yet reinforcing experience, I know all of my dreams even the big sturdy ones, are gonna come true..

N I’m gonna look back n wonder ‘damn!! I can’t believe I just did that!!!’

The chocolate statement of my life..

N I still can’t believe I manifested my (twin flame) husband, n my super awesome kid into my life… I manifested a dream identity (Aryaa Akshay) with a dream role (an energy artist) ..I manifested the most rocking weekend of my life ever ( watched four movies, was invited to two eat-outs, almost like I was in college.. Forgot I had a 2.5 year old kid who rocks all the time) 

Wohooooo!!!! I can imagine this chocolate statement when I have my book in my hands ( physically) n when I work with my dream clients n they appreciate me for the energy I bring to the table.. N when the world recognizes me for ‘authentic living n being myself one hundred percent’ 

N when I’m globe trotting with my super awesome family mixing work n pleasure..

‘ I can’t believe I did that!!!!’

Whoa the chocolate statement of my chocolatey life..

Yummy life🎁❤️

Three words? Wanna play?

What if you had to describe the crux of your life in three words??

Would you find those three words that did justice to a life that you call ‘yours’??

It was easy to find three words that described the richness of life for me!

I have a list of stuff that makes me happy. And all of the items on the list seem to be connected to these three words.

1. Art!!!

My love for art, is thanks to the depth that it adds to my life. 

I may have not been an avid reader, yet writing has been my saviour: the one that gave me courage when life seemed hollow.

Movies give such an added dimension to life. As if you have travelled the world in the shoes of a stranger. 

Music, plays, paintings or be it any art ! It simply allows us to connect with the creator within. 

2. Family!

If not for my family, I would never have felt grounded to this planet. Perhaps I would be travelling the globe like a nomad who knows nothing of his roots.

My family is my biggest gift 🎁 and every time that I imagine my dreamy life, my family is right there, as if they were an extension of me (n they are)

3. Oneness!!

It’s this deep feeling of oneness that soothed me as I stared at the royal mountains in Auli, or listened to the gurgling sounds of the bhagirathi.. my trip to auli has been the trip that I most frequently go back to in my head n heart..

It’s this same feeling that takes me over when I’m in nature, with flowers or birds…traveling in an unknown country, getting to know the culture of the people there..

It’s like all of us are deeply connected by this beauty of it all..

The celebrity life❤️🎁

Is it difficult to be the only one capable of noticing, how brilliantly the light shines through oneself?

Saw the movie on Indian Cricket Skipper M.S. Dhoni!! 

Wow! To not give up on oneself is the only n easiest thing one can do.

I know Arijit Singh, waited for ten years, not giving up on himself! He was popular in one of the reality shows,yet it took him ten long years to get that break in Bollywood Playback. And now his life is changed!!

I’ve read the same stuff about Abraham Lincoln n how determined he was, in spite of every failure!!

All it takes is to view this as a journey, which ends in all our dreams coming true!

I’m on it for sure!!! With dreams that overfill my eyes n touch my heart, n flow out❤️🎁

I can hear beautiful voices, millions of them shouting out my name with love, as our lives turn more n more beautiful, with a simple awareness of what is!!

N when my life changes drastically (or appears to) it would still be the same beauty n love, that’s filled in my life this very moment!!

Nothing has changed really!!

I am a celebrity even today, just as much as every one of us!!

The only difference, I know it! N Feel it! N offer gratitude for it!!

Window girl

She sat there looking at everyone. Guys doing about their jobs. School girls giggling over some secrets. Cars buzzing by. Cats fighting over the remainder of the fish that the ‘koli’ woman left behind.

The tiny window was a lot more to her. She sat there, looking out for hours. Jumping into the lives of everyone she saw, spinning stories about their day, guessing their emotions!

Her heart just felt happy as she sat there, as if it was her day job! A job she loved❤️

So determined and at it, as if it paid her, her dues.

It was her window out into the real big world! A world that was pleasant. A life that was worth living❤️