The only work!!

The only work, we came here for doing is the work of listening to the call of our hearts!! 

Our hearts never give up on us!!

They keep calling us, hoping that we’d perhaps listen n follow it’s trail..

Lucky are those who against all ‘sanity’ follow their hearts cuz they are the ones who are finally victorious 🎁

The world is playing safe!! We didn’t come here to play safe..

We came here to be excited with the nervousness of trying something new, that our heart wants to follow..

We came here for the journey .. not the destination 



Each one of us, with the hectic lives we live, run the risk of sounding judgmental to others. And more often than not, we don’t just sound, we GET judgmental and we feel judgmental too!!

When the space in which we live gets like this, we are not operating at our best. We are all the time under pressure to be ‘someone’ our peers/ colleagues/ friends/ spouse etc thinks of in a great way. We want everyone to think of us well. We don’t want to make any mistakes or say anything that could make us appear silly or stupid.

If we are living in such spaces most of the times, then when are we being ourselves?

If we aren’t being ourselves then may be we are living fake lives. A life in which there is no depth at all. There is no growth, no transformation!

For growth, we first of all need to be okay with who we are! And then we can perhaps say, now if this is where I am, I need to get here! And the choice of where our ‘HERE’ n ‘THERE’ lies should be totally on us. Not decided by someone else.

We are free birds, if only we allow ourselves to fly. It’s time, we love ourselves enough to lead a life that flows with energy and passion,  rather than a life attempting to look good to the world.

What would you choose?

Have you FELT lately??

We are all so busy thinking rationally all the time, we may get disconnected with our spontaneous side. So this post is all about exploring, about experimenting with our spontaneity…

This painting: Courtesy Dipayan , Colours of Passion on fb :)

This painting: Courtesy Dipayan (Catch his work on fb , Colours of Passion)

Have you felt lately, like suddenly waking up at the middle of the night 

& wondering what are you doing??

Have you felt lately, like suddenly looking at the greenery outside

& talking to the leaves, listening to their hustle??

Have you felt lately, like suddenly not doing what you do always

& actually do something totally ‘NOT SO YOU’??

Have you felt lately, like singing aloud the music in your head

& not caring about what will people say??

Have you felt lately, like brushing your teeth in the afternoon

after lunch rather than after dinner??

Have you felt lately, like the universe is sitting right next,listening to you

waiting for you to look around & choose??

Have you felt lately, like your loved ones are actually communicating with you

but you’re not really listening??

Have you felt lately, like the road you take daily isn’t the road you want to walk

you want to actually take another route??

Have you felt lately, like just going out for a run or a walk outside

and observe the various colors of nature around??

Have you felt lately, like sipping some new flavor of coffee or tea,

leaving behind your regular option??

Have you felt lately, like abandoning the television

& breaking up with it forever??

Have you felt lately, like chucking whatsapp

& actually talking (voice chatting) with a friend??

Have you felt lately, like you are all about your limitations..

but not any more!! You have unlimited potential just like everyone else??

Have you felt lately, like the shuffle option on your playlist,

is actually listening to your choice of songs & giving them to you??

Have you felt lately, the touch of the breeze on your skin, on your hair

And not worried about how weird you’ll look after the breeze goes away??

Have you felt lately, the fragrance of your beloved’s scent, around..

even when the person isn’t really around??

Have you felt lately, how you will feel 10 years from now..

How all the things that look so grave today, will look unimportant then??

Have you felt lately, how the pressure of life seems to be going away,

Allowing you to just be, just flow & just be in bliss??

Have you felt lately, like the fights that happen around aren’t as disturbing

as they used to be before??

Have you felt lately, like choosing the Italic font & aligning it centrally

rather than towards the right?

Have you felt lately,like losing your way & getting back, asking people around 

& choosing not to use the resources on your smart phone??

Have you felt lately, like leaving your smart phone alone for a day or two

& making merry with real friends around??

Have you felt lately, like you’ve stopped to watch out what’s there on your route 

from work to home??

Have you felt lately, like the song you’re listening to, is actually making so much sense

and its actually saying something to you??

Have you felt lately, like adoring and appreciating your work, your effort,

more than anyone else??

Have you felt lately, like you are really the most beautiful,

not any separate from those around you??

Have you felt lately?? Have you stopped lately??

Have you observed lately?? Have you laughed lately??

Have you gazed at the stars lately?? Have you been alone lately??

Have you been in love with yourself lately??