Soul searching experience with movies

Do you like to watch a movie all by yourself 🤔

I just love the process of watching movies! It’s like a sacred ritual for me..

Especially when I go to the movies alone..

It’s like my time to watch a work of art, without putting a single thought towards anyone’s pure connection..

That’s y Netflix n hotstar n prime vídeo are like my buddies, churning out great titles one after the other..

I feel so grateful that passionate artists create cinema, pitting their hearts into writing n then portraying characters just so we, the audience can reach unwandered depths of our core..

Just love cinema n whoever invented it!!

Which are your fav titles, that are a must watch you recommend??

My list if I have to come down to say three titles, I’d say The way way back, Love per square foot n Flipped!

I enjoyed all three n though there are so many on my list of recos, il say I’m happy with these..

So Would you go to the movies all by yourself??

Which movie would you really watch on your solo movie watching experience ??

Signing off


Replaceable ‘best’ ♥️

Every time I watch a fantastic movie or get a fab hair cut, or fall in love with a music track or click a selfie that I love, or go on a vacation, i feel like this is the best one so far..

Especially with hair cuts!! I tell myself I’m gonna keep this one for a while..

N then eventually in an impulse I get my hair cut again n I’m in love with it ♥️

Same with movies! I make this ‘in my head list’ of my fav movies n the latest one I’ve watched (n loved) gets to the top of the list eventually to be replaced by another great flick..

I just love how impermanence can move one to better n better stuff..

Movies n good swim days,

Hair cuts n nail color,

Selfies n ‘chance’ captures,

Puzzles and art,

Tracks that touch my core!!!!

I wonder what’s my next hop gonna be ♥️

Ps: Hasee toh phasee is the most underrated movie I’ve watched so far..

N I love whoever made Netflix 😍

N ‘Love per square foot’ captures the essence of Mumbai, with simplicity n with the most beautifully put characters ♥️

N hmmmm over n out for now

~ aryaa