Thank God its Monday!

Written on 21st June 2012- 11.15 am

A bright monday morning
Unbelievably pleasant outside

Is something terribly wrong with me?
Y am I so glum inside?

The ringing alarm, dancing to the rhythm, seems unstoppabbly loud
My orange toothbrush is eagerly waiting, to clean an unbathed crowd

The buckets in my bathroom ,welcome me, they seem uselessly excited
The health conscious shower is gleamingly happy, sweating through his jet

The green lemony soap seemingly fresh, is eager to get reduced
The strawberry red facewash, is not at all angry, makes me all the more confused

The tall blue shampoo, smelling so great is totally at ease
Knows no competition, returns smiles to the conditioner, looking pleased

My colourful towel, soft n vibrant is eager n excited, all set
Not for a sunny relaxing day outside, but waiting to get all wet

My yellow comb, I thought was sleepy- is really wide awake
It’s jumping to go for it’s morning walk, through my hair that’s rough n astray

The shirts in my wardrobe, creased n fit are all shouting out to me
‘Pick me’ ‘Wear me’ is all I hear
Are they dumb – to not stay at home, may be they wanna flee free

The trousers are no different , they’re so eager to be quick picked
Looks like it’s their lucky day they are looking forward to the trip

My socks r jumping out of the drawer, I wish I could get rid of them somehow
My shoes are also singing out loud, ‘Aren’t we getting late, come on let’s get out’

The kettle on the table is waiting for it’s stretch, all warmed up n ready
The yellow mug, not at all lazy, knows soon it’s gonna rain ‘tea’

The slices of bread are so innocent, they’re excited to get burnt
The toaster plays the villain here, welcoming them as though its home

The peanut butter n the mixed fruit jam – are they at loggerheads
‘Not at all’ is what they’re saying, ‘We r just eagerly waiting to get spread’

When the brown bread is so excited, for nothing else but to get consumed
Why on earth am I fuming, all I ve to do is just get tuned

So here i am, Tuning in to the excitement n just letting myself loose
Why on earth should I feel wary n weird, Its time to kick off the Monday blues

Yay- it’s Monday 🙂