Joy vs Excellence

About children, the most fantabulous aspect is that they’re totally aligned with their joy..

Bubbles, butterflies, jumping in the muddy puddle.. they do stuff cuz they derive joy out of it ..

My son pretends to play a variety of instruments, none with an intention of mastering the knowledge 🙂 lol

He does it because he feels joyful as his hands beat the tabla or he pretends to play the fake flute..

He loves the idea of it!!

We as kids knew it! What happened then?

We grew up? The faulty adults pushed us into believing we wouldn’t be good enough till we excelled at it??

Complete rubbish!!

Look at prodigys or famous people who have mastered art without learning it!! They simply followed their joy, with a leap of faith that appeared as if they were ‘gifted’..

Of course they were gifted in their relentless belief of the joy they pursued, without an iota of doubt!! N yes, that does make them gifted as compared to the ones who modified themselves to be un’gifted’

When we pursue our joys with doubts, they seem to block the flow of our gifts!!

Pursue the joy simply n forget about everything else!! There, we are all masters ♥️


All starts here and now!

 There is a seed of magnificence in our now, that grows n keeps growing each second,each day!

To tap into the magnificence, all we got to do is, is so simple really!!

Simply recognize and acknowledge the seed, greet it, welcome it, ask it to stay and grow! ( it will grow even if we forget to ask it so 😜)

 Are you seeing magnificence today? 

In every scene you’re moving through? In the kitchen, in your office, with your kids, your spouse, parents?

As you stand alone, taking that shower, please look at the magnificence you see in the mirror!

That’s where all the magic lies. It all starts here and now❤️😍

Magic all the way! 

An amazing day, ends in such an amazing way! That’s what I absolutely love about travelling to Pune every week. Magical possibilities unfolding every week. 

Last week I was utterly surprised, when I instantly connected with 2 fellow passengers travelling with me. Both of them belonged to my fraternity (of civil engineers), one of whom was trying to contact my ex- organisation for a job opportunity, and the other happened to be my junior from the college where I completed my Masters!!

Such a small world! Three hours flew past us as we kept chatting about projects, experiences, how we had more than one common contact (amazing na!). That one train journey was enough to connect us in ways where we could beautifully help n support each other in future possibilities! Awesome 🙂

And today, as I walked to my seat in the AC coach, there was one gentleman sitting in my seat. He was working on his laptop and so I didn’t want to disturb him. I quietly sat on his seat. He realised instantly and asked me if I was keen in sitting on the berth allocated to me, and I was quite okay sitting the way we did! That was my magic moment! 

He removed his business card from his bag, and introduced himself to me. My jaws dropped when he said he was the CFO of a reputed organisation (coincidently where my sis in law also works). I started the conversation by appreciating his humility and his rare virtue of being so down to earth! There 🙂 we started chatting about various interesting things, he continued inspiring me for the three and a half hours of my journey and also agreed to interact with my students 🙂 wow!! It was magic 🙂

I’ve always loved the magic in the possibilities of such nature, and I’ve had instances where I’ve connected instantly with beautiful people across the globe. I’ve had such beautiful connections throughout the last few years!  

Just feel so blessed at such magnitude of magic happening around me! Gratitude gratitude n only gratitude! 

Muahhhh ❤