Only if it wasn’t so flipping easy❤️

And that’s why I’m here❤️

For more n more people to get it!

It’s all a vibration, we just got to lift ourselves to the topmost vibration existing.  Intune ourselves to that frequency, and the rest all is easy peasy.

I have a dream, hahaha rather many many dreams. 

One of it is to not just share space with my two top most inspirations, but to partner with them in shifting the energy of this planet. To have them alongside as we inaugurate the GLOBAL HQ of the Energy Shifting Center, planet earth (in Fort, Mumbai)

Even though I haven’t met them ever, feels like I know they’re set to the highest vibration.

If you feel the same about someone, a true calling of meeting, or working with someone who leaves you feeling awed, please cherish that desire, and give it lots of nourishment by thinking and rethinking those thoughts again n again.

The willingness to be in that space is one of the easiest ways to get there.

Believe me, it is so freakin simple❤️❤️❤️


3 reasons why coaching clients for ‘free’ will never bring results

Let’s imagine, I forget that I have salaries to pay,fund family trips across the world, cater to my self needs n those of my family.

Let’s imagine, I’m here to offer free coaching!! Here are top reasons why this can never work for my clients to bring the desired results:

1. Willingness to spend, implies prosperity, whereas willingness to hoard implies lack

When we choose free services over paid services, we are secretly communicating to the universe, ‘I don’t have enough. I am unable to afford this’

If our desired outcomes are ones of magnificence, we have to be willing to pay the right price. Cuz it is then that we are shouting out to the universe ‘I can afford this, this is my way of life’

The universe manifests whatever we choose. 

2. Accepting free services, implies we consider ourselves ‘unworthy’

Why do beggars accept free food? Cuz they in their minds have chosen to treat themselves that way. If a beggar chose to work for himself, I’m sure he could easily change his way of life. 

It’s the same principle with everything we pay for! The price we pay for the clothes we wear, food we eat are clear communications to the universe that we are worthy enough!

When we enroll ourselves for a course that may be expensive yet, fulfills our innermost desires, we show commitment towards our highest good. And shout out to the universe, that we are worthy!!

3. Creating a new pattern is important for manifesting a change!

Our reality today, is a by product of our choices over a period of time. In order to create a change, we need to think differently for starters. 

The thought patterns that are ruling our present reality,can never bring about a drastic change in the future. For the change to manifest, we need to imbibe the new thought pattern in the present.

If we wish to be abundant enough to help ten people in the future, we need to start doing so in the present.

If we wish for our future, to be able to afford products/ services that are expensive, we need to afford them today. Only then the universe can help us manifest it.

It’s all a matter of time! 

The current decision is to choose our highest good, in every choice we make.

We are subconsciously choosing thoughts of unworthiness which in turn create situations of lack for us.

Here’s your chance to choose you! Best wishes dears