Mr. Organised or Mr. Spontaneous?

Hi Friends,

I had started the series on MBTI, more than few weeks back & today is that opportune day when I’ve decided to finally finish off undone work.

For those, who have just dived into this page, this is the 5th post aka last post of the 5 post series on MBTI!

MBTI is the Myers Briggs Type Instrument which helps to know oneself better. In a series of 5 posts, I’ve tried my best to express in my own style, how this type instrument can be used to create self-awareness and by reading the 5 posts one after another, one may easily be able to find out their preferences, thus getting to know more about themselves and also others!

The very first post – Knowing our measurements using a beautiful tool- the MBTI was an introductory one, followed by the second post – Meet the Extraverts & the Introverts, that describes the dichotomy Extraversion Vs. Introversion. The third post – Let’s perceive, How we perceive,describes our preference towards how we perceive the world, through our senses or in a more holistic n whole view. The fourth post- Who rules you? Your Head or your Heart, describes our preference of  decision-making.

And this post is the last post of the series. The fourth dichotomy or pair of preference deals with the preference towards the Judgement function or Perception function.

Like I mentioned, Sensing (S) & iNtuition (N) represent the perception function that describe how we perceive,

where as Feeling (F) & Thinking (T) represent the judgement function that describe how we decide and arrive at decisions.

The fourth pair of preference, is choosing between the perception & judgement function. These are 2 terms used in MBTI, and a person choosing the perception function may not necessarily be a great perceiver or who perceives really well. At the same time, person choosing the judgement function may not necessarily be a great judge or a person who can judge people well.

To simplify, let me give an example! Imagine one had to plan one’s vacation! If the person prefers Judgement function, he will prefer taking decisions and closing open ends like, deciding on the vacation spot, booking the tickets few days prior to the travel dates, zeroing down on the hotel, freezing the activities to be done on each of the days, etc

Which means, a person preferring the judgement function, likes to be organised, likes to follow a schedule, likes to have everything planned much before time. A Judgement type person, hates to keep matters hanging in time and prefers to bring decisions to a close by choosing one of the options.

In contrast, a person preferring the perception function, loves to be spontaneous. He may like to keep his options open about which hotel to choose, right un till the time he arrives into the destination spot. He may not book his tickets till the last-minute, may be he likes to pack his stuff, a day before his travel, for the simple reason, he likes to live for that moment.

He feels, selecting a hotel and freezing the decision, actually closes the opportunity to make the stay better. He may like to keep looking at various hotels, and may not book even one. He may do so only a day prior to his travel date & feel good about it.

Now imagine, a person preferring perception (who loves being spontaneous) is working as a project manager, what would the situation look like? He will feel terribly stressed as this person hates to close or zero in on any of the options. If he continues being spontaneous, the project may be in danger. It’s a must that the project manager be a gr8 planner.

Similarly, imagine a person preferring judgement (who loves being organised) is working as an event manager, what would he feel? He will feel out-of-place!! He loves to close or zero in on options but in event management, closing or freezing options does not help as sometimes the situation may change, and keeping all options open till the last-minute always helps.

I’ve had the opportunity to manage events, programs when I was working! I used to love the high tension environment, simply because I would keep options open till the last-minute. Everything is so volatile, the schedule of the event changes, the guest list keeps changing, the seating arrangement may not be done as expected. In cases when the seating arrangement is perfect, the number of guests will suddenly increase or decrease leading to making a change in the seating. A person who loves to be organised will feel totally suffocated in such situations, cuz being spontaneous is the need for an event manager!

So the person is not wrong. It’s the unsuitable job that he does. The minute he changes his job and finds one that is compatible to his type, he starts feeling good and in sync.

Being unaware of one’s n others’ types and characteristics also leads to conflicts. A (P) type husband, may not like to plan the vacation activities simply because he feels, there may be other things worth doing at the destination spot, that may be missed out, if he freezes the plan. So he likes to actually reach the vacation spot, take a look at what ever is happening and then decide.

At the same time, if his wife is of the (J) type, she may think that her husband is not planning the vacation because he is uninterested. She may feel that his lack of interest is causing him to leave things for the last-minute when the case is exactly reverse.

So it’s always best to know one’s type and also know the type of our loved ones. In this way, we can exactly see why they choose to behave in a particular way and this leads to no misunderstandings.

I am an ENFP & i know the types of each one in my family. It really helps to make matters easy as one knows why things happen in this way n not in that way!!

So friends, WHAT’s YOUR TYPE?

P.S: The 5 post series is presented to create among readers, keenness to know about their MBTI type, and simply reading the 5 posts may or may not be enough to know of one’s type. 🙂 

Who rules you? Your Head or your Heart?

And if you have the answer popping right away, Id request you all to take a few minutes off, and analyse if you are ruled by your head or by your heart.

Ruled by your head simply means that logic and rationale holds good for you & you like to make your decisions based on facts & principles. Ruled by your heart would mean that you give more importance to your values and feelings, and all your decisions will be based on how the outcome of your decision affects people..

This Head Vs. Heart dichotomy ..In MBTI referred to as the Thinking Vs. Feeling dichotomy is described as the Judgement function or the function that helps us to arrive at decisions.

MBTI is a type instrument in which each person can be categorized based on their preferences in each of the 4 dichotomies or pair of preferences.There are 4 preferences to be made n each preference has something unique about it.

The very first preference is towards Extraversion or Introversion. If you wanna know your preference you may read the post “Meet the Extraverts & the Introverts“.

The second preference is towards Sensing or iNtuition. If you wanna know more about your preference of how you perceive the world, you may read the post ” Lets perceive – How we perceive?

And this post which is the 4th post of a 5 post series on MBTI, is about the judgement function and our preference of how we arrive at our decisions!!

So when we say Thinking Vs. Feeling, it does not mean that a thinking oriented person, lacks the ability to feel. At the same time, it can’t be said that a feeling oriented person has no thinking ability. It just describes a preference of your head ruling you (Head can be associated with thoughts so Thinking) or your heart ruling you (Heart can be associated by feelings so Feeling).

Lets see, how a Thinking oriented person is different from a Feeling oriented person.

A T type person, (thinking type) always gives importance to logic, principles & he arrives at his decisions based on these principles. He always holds a very impersonal judgement of the situation, without really thinking about the emotions or the feelings of the people involved.

Lets take an example of a team lead who has to report the performance of people in his team. One of the team mates, has been sick for say half the quarter, and so his performance has got affected. The other team mates, have been reporting regularly at work and few of them have achieved their targets & few have not.

This T type person, will always refer to facts while making decisions. So he will rate the people based on how much of their targets have been achieved. His decision-making is totally impersonal, and is linked only to the targets achieved. His decision-making is ruled by his head, and so he is not programmed to think of how the sick person will feel.

He is very clear about how he has arrived at his decision. He places utmost importance to facts n principles.

Now, if the same team lead, is F type (Feeling type), he will be ruled by his heart. He somehow, places himself in the shoes of the sick person and is able to empathize with his feelings.  His decision-making now will be based on the feelings of the people involved. He may not arrive at the same decision as arrived by the T type. F type people always place utmost importance to feelings and values of the people involved.

Which one is better? I know we all are programmed to rate ourselves as the better ones. Each type has its own plusses and minusses & striking a balance between the 2 is always important.

So, they say F type people are more suited in professions like Nursing, HR, Counselling, Coaching cuz such professions are aimed at making the person at the receiving end feel better. So its natural for F type people to feel at home in such roles. At the same time, job roles like a Supervisor’s role, Manager’s role, Quality Assurance or Quality control etc are roles which require T type people as the role is based out of the need of following some logic, being able to follow certain principles and rationale.

T type is more skilled when it comes to picking out flaws or deviations from the required standards. T type people find it natural to mention straight away, that the product lacks the quality. They have a very impersonal judgement about the same, and they are able to look at the situation as a third-party or an onlooker. Hence, their suitability in Quality control roles.

F type, finds it difficult to tell people about their flaws or shortcomings. They get into the shoes of the person rather than looking at the situation from outside, and hence, they find it difficult to give critical feedback. The need for harmony and a conflict free environment is very important for F type people hence their suitability in Nursing or HR roles exists.

Now lets see, how conflicts arise between T and F type people. T type persons find it very natural to be straight forward in detecting inconsistencies or flaws. It is like they are judging based on some principles. For them its like ticking right or wrong seeing the list of correct answers and they are extremely straight forward in mentioning this.

A F type person, finds this rather a blunt way of expressing things and expects the T type to be polite or pleasant in the way he puts it across. A F type person will think twice in calling an apple – an apple, if the people who are listening don’t like apples. So, it’s the feelings of the other people,that matters to a F type, rather than the facts.

So, a T type person finds this behavior extremely emotional and irrational.

What appears harmonious and anti conflicting to a F type, appears as being illogical and over emotional to a T Type.

The F type tries to understand the situation being a part of the scenario, whereas a T type tries to analyse the situation by being an on looker.

Again, if a thought of which one’s better is coming to your mind, please get rid of that thought cuz we are just trying to know our measurements here!!

So an Extravert person with a preference for Sensing, and who is Thinking oriented person will write his type so far as – EST. An Introvert, who prefers iNtuition and a preference for Thinking will write his type so far as INT.

My type is ENFP!! I’ve written so far about the 3 pairs of preferences, which can help you figure out 3/4th of your type.

My last post will be about the 4th pair of preference which deals with preference of the perception function over the judgement function.

Hope the previous posts have been helpful so far. Signing off for now!!

Lets perceive – How we perceive??

And what does this weird title mean? It just means that not everyone perceives in “one particular manner”. Each person has a different way of perceiving things. Let us just look at our self, as a third person and perceive… What is our preference of perception?

If any of my reader friends find me vague, please excuse me as this is the third post of a 5 post series covering my insights on the MYERS BRIGGS TYPE INDICATOR (In short MBTI). This post takes off from where,my last post – Meet the Extraverts & the Introverts!! stopped…

I like to mention to my readers, as Ive used this tool – MBTI many a times, i was very keen to write a few posts about this amazing tool .My request to you all, please treat this as an interesting read rather than an info sharing site. There are many sites sharing technical info about this tool. The only reason im attempting this is to explore my creativity to explain in detail about this tool.

My last post Meet the Extraverts & the Introverts!! was dealing with the first dichotomy or pair of preference in MBTI- Extraversion (E Type) Vs. Intraversion (I Type) which dealt with the flow of energy in people.

This post deals with the second dichotomy or pair of preference- Sensing (S Type) Vs. iNtuition (N Type).

The word Intuition here, has a different context, and is very much different from the word which means sixth sense or a gut feeling. So, a person coming under a N Type, will not necessarily have a good sixth sense or an intuitive feeling. The word Intuition describes the manner in which people perceive, and we are just coming to it in a while.

One may ask, why is Intuition = N type. Simply to avoid confusion of being referred to the I in introversion, this type is named after the second letter and is spelled as iNtuition and is referred to as the N type.

How are the Sensing and iNtuition types really different? Let me explain with a short exercise. I’m sure all my reader friends have been to a beach or seen one in movies. If i ask you to imagine a beach view, what will come to your mind?

What do you see?

The picture above, is a google searched image of a beach!! And when you look at it, what exactly comes to your mind? Can you pen down and describe in a few words, the beach view?

If the picture is not visible, no worries!! Just imagine any beach side view and think.. which words come to your mind?

There will be some of you, who will say, blue water, the brown sands, sunny weather, and stuff that you can actually see in this picture!!

There will be some others who will say, a perfect get away, a beautiful holiday, may be an awesome honeymoon place,or something like that which is not really seen in the picture, but the person perceives the picture to be it..

So the S type people, prefer to perceive in the first manner, looking for details using their five senses. They will use words like blue water, cuz they can see the blueness or the sunny weather cuz they can see the sun shining.. They like to gather information in the form of concrete data which can be sensed by their senses.

The N type, on the other hand, perceive in the second manner! They like to see the world in a more abstract manner. They tend to extract some abstract meaning out of the things they see. They like to gather information in the form of abstract ideas rather than concrete data.

Let me give another example. A simple activity say cooking  may be perceived by a “S type” as a series of steps done in a typical fashion so as to get the desired result of “A yummy dish”.. or Cooking may be perceived by a ‘N type’ as an activity by which one can feed the poor….

Are you able to see how differently the 2 types perceive?

Your opinion about the beach view may not be the same. Just try to observe the manner in which you perceive.. Is it more fact based, got to do with the 5 senses, more logical and can be sensed? or is it more abstract, far away from facts, more tilting towards ideas and concepts rather than facts?

Lets see how, knowing about these 2 types can help us!!

As S type persons, prefer more facts, more of sensing, they have an eye for detail. They are more realistic and practical as they view the external world just as it appears to the 5 senses. They prefer to live in the present and are close to reality as against imaginary ideas about the future.

They prefer working around a set of instructions and like to take one step at a time, starting from the very beginning. So if you give a book to a S type person, he will not feel satisfied, unless he reads each word & each page, in the book.

With N type persons being more interested in the big ideas surrounding the facts, they dislike details. They get excited with an idea and knowing the minute details does not interest them. They prefer to live in the imaginary possibilities that the future holds for them.

As they like abstract ideas, they often miss the details.  and the instructions can actually get them off track. They like to start from any point, not necessarily the beginning and they may not even follow the steps.  Creating and inventing new stuff excites them rather than following the regular steps. If you give them a book, they may read few pages of each chapter and may hand you the book in a day or two. They can easily connect the dots between the few pages from each chapter that they’ve read and they will be able to know the gist of the book from all that they’ve read ..

To a S type- a N type, may appear as lacking an eye for detail, disobeying or not following instructions, always away from reality and living in dreams..

To a N type- a S type may appear as lacking the ‘macro view’, not thinking different, change resistant…

I know, now as i guessed, you all will be thinking which is the better type!! I wanna be the better type!! But hey guys, there’s no such ideal measurement .. we just need to figure out our ideal fit..

If a ‘I type’ person is given a sales profile, where he needs to have many interactions with people, meet new people and sell his business, he may do it very well, but he may feel very uncomfortable doing so much of talking…

Similarly, if a ‘E type’ person is given a research & development profile, where he has to sit in isolation and conduct research, statistical analysis and so on, he may do a good job, but he will need regular breaks where he can chat with people, interact with them so as to energize himself..

Now imagine, if a ‘N type’ person is given a detail oriented profile like contracts management, or claims management or accounts, he may do his work well, at the same time ,feeling suffocated with so many details around.. Similarly, if a ‘S type’ is given the profile of an ad maker,though he will do a gr8 job,  he will feel uneasy dealing with abstract ideas…

So finally, it’s all about knowing our measurements & finding the ideal fit..Hope the last 2 posts have been helpful for you in identifying your type..

More about the other 2 dichotomies, in the coming posts..

Meet the Extraverts & the Introverts!!

Starting off from where i stopped few days back, this post is about the first dichotomy or pair of preference in the MBTI!! For your info,this post is the 2nd of the 5 posts series..the very first post titled as ‘Knowing our Measurements’ using a beautiful tool – The MBTI

Just this morning, we had a visitor at home! This visitor had come to hand over something to my grandmom. This very friendly lady, though slightly aged, was bubbling with a lot of energy. She spoke about so many aspects of her life, starting from where she lived, who all were staying with her, the time of the day when she is free, the kind of TV shows she watches, the TV shows her family watches…. and so much more…

Now most of you will wonder, why did we inquire about so many aspects of her life..and the interesting part is that.. all this information came to us without even being asked for.

This aunt who visited me, is a perfect example of an Extravert!!

I’m sure all of you think that Extraverts are people who always like to chat, talk, blabber, jibber jabber and stuff like that. But thats not always the case. Then how exactly can we identify Extraverts.. lets take a look..

This dichotomy: Extraversion Vs. Introversion deals with the flow of energy in individuals.

Extraverts- draw energy from action.. action could be talking, reading, writing and stuff like that. So now we know why that aunt who visited me, went on giving us so much information… She was actually drawing energy out of her action of talking..

Now, Introverts deal exactly in an opposite manner.

Introverts – draw energy from their internal thoughts. They like to reflect, introspect, and when they do so, its an energy building activity for them.

Now, we know how exactly the two types Extraverts & Introverts build up on their energy.. Lets take a look at how they spend their energy…

Extraverts – follow a cycle of Act- Think- Act.. Not very clear.. an example to clarify..

After about a year of  joining my first job, i received a call from one of my juniors at college. He was confused and so he had called me. He was selected by few companies during the placement season of our college, and he was not sure about which was an ideal pick for him. i was quite self- impressed about the fact, that he called me (May be my advice would have really mattered to him) but that was not the case.. 🙂

When i started telling him about how i made my choice, he interrupted me.. and then he started to tell me about all the companies that he got selected for..then he started telling me the pros and cons of each of the company… then he told me, why one of them was the right pick, and then happily concluded his talk by telling me about his choice..

Now, i wondered and am sure, you too are wondering, if he knew everything, why did he have to talk to me in the very first place?? I’l tel you why..

Being an extravert, this junior of mine, draws his energy thru action, in this case talking.. After he talks, when he actually listens to himself talking, he thinks… then after thinking he talks again.. so he follows a cycle of ACT- THINK- ACT

which means he draws energy from action & spends his energy in his thoughts & then draws energy again thru his action.He does all the thinking only and only thru his action, in this case thru his talking.

So now am sure, you all would have realised, why i blog so much!! Yessss!! Cuz i draw my energy thru my write, and then when i read it, is actually when i process the info, and that motivates me to write more..

Conversely, Introverts follow a cycle of THINK- ACT -THINK..

which means they draw their energy thru their time spent alone,time spent in processing their thoughts & they spend their energy through action & then rebuild their energy in silence..

So Action energises the E type & Reflection energises the I type.

If an extravert, gets too lazy or lethargic (read out of action) he tends to get demotivated. He has to keep himself in ACTION. So to build on his energy, he gets into some action. You may have noticed, that Extraverts like to write their milestones, or discuss their goals. Why? you think they write it simply so that they can keep looking at it? May be? ..may also be, that every time they write them, they kinda revise their goals thru their action. In spite of having discussed their goals once with their peers, they dont mind rediscussing the same!! Why? cuz they revise them thru their action!!

Conversely, if an introvert, has too many things to do during hectic times, he gets off track. He needs to build up his energy by relaxing, spending time alone, or may be sometimes just hitting the sack. In reflection, he actually builds up his energy.

To an I type – the active E type may appear as too noisy, too bubbly, too much talking etc

To an E type – the reflective I type may appear as too laidback, too relaxed, lazy etc

So knowing people around us, can help us to understand them better..What has this got to do with managing conflicts? I know this is sumthing which is coming up in your minds..

Lets assume, there’s a couple, married for few months!! The wife is an introvert & the husband is an extravert!!

Imagine, the guy loves to chat with his wife all the time, and expects her to support him in his decision making. Every now and then, he calls her (from work) and discusses about the issues at work, or some matter thats bothering him. When he chats with her, his thoughts start becoming clear & this helps him arrive at some decision. He enjoys this process.

Lets be in the wife’s shoes now!! She is an introvert and loves to spend her time processing her thoughts in silence, being alone! To her, the husband can appear very intruding, someone who does’nt respect her requirement of being by herself. She may then, slowly start interrupting him when he talks. She may voice her requirement, of needing some time alone.

Now, be in the shoes of the husband!! The wife’s requirement of being left alone, may be viewed as some kind of dislike she has for the husband. The husband may think that his wife doesnt like him so much, may be thats why she wants to be alone. For him, the wife appears to be reserved, not so open, and this may be viewed in extreme cases as being secretive..

What will eventually happen? there is surely a conflict peeping its way up..

Now, imagine the couple is very much aware about their types..

The husband, will respect the wife’s need of spending some time alone, and give her some time off in a day, when she gets to energise herself in silence, by processing her thoughts.. In turn, the wife now knows that she can support her husband by being a listener, spending more time engaging herself in conversations with him. A simple step of knowing ourselves better & attempting to know the other person, can go a long way in creating strong relationships!!

So friends, are you able to gauge your type? Whether E (extraversion) or I (introversion)? Hope this post has been helpful & interesting.. Like i said previosly, please treat this post as an interesting read rather than a place, to seek information..

More about the other 3 dichotomies in the following posts.. till then chao and cheers!!

‘Knowing our Measurements’ using a beautiful tool – The MBTI

For knowing what kind of measurements this post is leading to, would like you to refer to my previous post – ‘Just imagine this day in your life‘…This current post starts off from where that previous post stopped!!

How long can anyone wear an over sized or undersized shirt? Some day, the dissatisfaction of using something that’s not really meant for one, will emerge n we will have to ask ourselves, if this is not my fit, then what really is?

And while we are in the process of finding out our measurements, we may have to use certain tools that work like a measuring tape. There are many tools available, each tool acting like a specific unit for measurement. These tools will help us in knowing our measurements in various units and this will eventually help us in knowing our “BEST FIT”.

The MBTI- or the Myers Briggs Type Indicator, is one such tool, that can help us in knowing our measurements. As the name suggests, this tool helps us to identify our TYPE. Ive been very eager to write about this very beautiful tool, and in a series of 5 posts, (starting with this one) i intend to give my reader friends a fair understanding of this tool.

Its just that Ive been very lucky enough to attend multiple training sessions on this tool. This was one of the major advantages for me being in the training and development team, the flip side being it was a gr8 way for me to learn minus the certification!!

So coming straight away to the point, please excuse me for picking up all the technical stuff about this tool from wikipedia (seen in bold and italic)…..and allow me to showcase my creativity in the various examples and scenarios that follow the techie stuff… the examples and scenarios will help my friends here to get a better understanding of the tool n the scenario creation will help me in putting my creativity to good use :).

So this tool, the MBTI describes four dichotomies or pairs of preferences. What is this pair of preference? It is like say blue vs. pink or cricket vs. soccer.. where blue has its own characteristics as against pink, and cricket has its own rules as against soccer, and we have to identify our preference towards any one side of these dichotomies or pair of preference.

Now before i mention the 4 dichotomies, would like to mention sumthing very important!! WE as individuals have been programmed to write exams throughout a major part of our life, hence, whenever we come across a test, we wanna know what is the correct answer. Please remember, this tool is a measuring tape… It will simply show your measurements..

Have you ever heard anyone, telling the tailor, listen- “26 inches is the ideal size, so please measure me as 26 inches!!!”

No!! He just measures you as you exist!! And similarly choosing any preference over the other will come naturally to anyone, in a manner they exist. There comes no question of which choice is the ideal choice…

So.. the 4 dichotomies in MBTI are:

Extraversion (E) vs. (I) Introversion – this aspect deals with the way in which individuals draw their energy 

Sensing (S) vs. (N) Intuition- this aspect deals with the way in which individuals gather information or perceive

Thinking (T) vs. (F) Feeling – this aspect deals with the decision making function or judging function in individuals

Judging (J) vs. (P) Perception- this aspect deals with preference of individuals towards the Judging or Perceiving functions.

So, this is about the 4 dichotomies. Reading the brief description here, may not be sufficient to gauge our preference.. So have patience friends.. In a series of 4 more posts, i’l be sharing about each dichotomy n all that ive learnt about this tool. 

And would request you all to treat this series of 5 posts as an interesting read rather than a knowledge transfer mechanism. Im writing this post, to express myself creatively. All the info about MBTI is readily available online and any of you who wishes to read more about the MBTI may visit –

In the past, Ive used my knowledge of the MBTI, for identifying why conflicts/ misunderstandings happen between people… n ive come to this awareness that knowing about the various types helps us to deal with conflicts in a better manner!

So hope knowing about the MBTI, helps you ll to appreciate the differences between people n hope this post wasnt boring!! I’l try my best to make my future posts more interesting n helpful..

Till then heres wishing you n me, a happy time knowing our  measurements”!!!