What we need today in these busy lives isn’t just one thing like money, or love, or health, or career or joys.. 

What we deeply seek is all of the above in a Harmony, balanced in ways that give us joy and meaning to life❤️

This art piece intends the same for every one who is affected or comes into touch with this art piece! It activates the intention of wellbeing expressed harmoniously in our lives, and if you can take a moment to connect with that Harmony ( however weirdly it appears in your life), this piece has done its work..

This piece has been gifted to a beautiful beauty salon, here in Pune,thats operated by beautiful ladies… for beautiful ladies!! 

They happen to celebrate their 15th anniversary, and this piece is a gift and a celebration of the real work these gals do, for generating wellbeing in all those lives that drop in there..

Pictorially, this art piece represents an alignment of four of our seven major chakras

~ the crown chakra, (violet) that signifies our connection with our divinity 

~ the root chakra (red) that signifies our connection with the physical/ with earth.

~ the solar plexus chakra (yellow) at the center depicts our self esteem, and our sense of worthiness! 

~ the sacral chakra (It is orange but depicted here in a shade of chrome yellow)

The flow is depicted through orange dots, much like the gears that function mechanically! 

The aqua marine dots represent a combination of green and blue!

~ the heart chakra (green) in perfect harmony with the throat chakra (blue)

The back drop is a unique shade of Violet, playfully created by my three year old son,mixing various shades together..

It intends for a fun element to be driving our lives secretly!! 

May Harmony, joy and fun continue to lead us through these beautiful lives❤️

Lotsa love, aryaa❤️



Each one of us, with the hectic lives we live, run the risk of sounding judgmental to others. And more often than not, we don’t just sound, we GET judgmental and we feel judgmental too!!

When the space in which we live gets like this, we are not operating at our best. We are all the time under pressure to be ‘someone’ our peers/ colleagues/ friends/ spouse etc thinks of in a great way. We want everyone to think of us well. We don’t want to make any mistakes or say anything that could make us appear silly or stupid.

If we are living in such spaces most of the times, then when are we being ourselves?

If we aren’t being ourselves then may be we are living fake lives. A life in which there is no depth at all. There is no growth, no transformation!

For growth, we first of all need to be okay with who we are! And then we can perhaps say, now if this is where I am, I need to get here! And the choice of where our ‘HERE’ n ‘THERE’ lies should be totally on us. Not decided by someone else.

We are free birds, if only we allow ourselves to fly. It’s time, we love ourselves enough to lead a life that flows with energy and passion,  rather than a life attempting to look good to the world.

What would you choose?