A beautiful goose bumpy song❤️

This song, always reminds me of all the mistakes I’ve made in life, yet leaves me feeling so empowered and positive❤️
It reminds me of my lows, of missing my Ammamma (my hubby’s maternal grand mom) n wishing she were here for just one more minute, for me to tell her, how much she made a difference to my life..

I wish I could tell her how much her hugs meant😓

Times when I would feel low, n ask her for a hug, she would gladly oblige! When I’d say ‘thank you’ ,she’d say come on, it’s not such a big deal…

It is such a big deal today! I know u hear me n send me loads of love..

I can sense your blessings following me everywhere, ure that good luck charm of mine, living inside me yet invisible..

I miss you ‘physically’ n wish I’d taken your words more seriously..

I know you’re in a super happy place, where you know how powerful you are❤️

You’re not the sad Ammamma I once knew, who had a heart overflowing with love..

You’re now the super being, who is the heart full of love!

I’m so happy I met you…

You leave me feeling more empowered than sad! Thank you Ammamma for being an inspiration in ways I can’t explain..


Re-connecting with a loooooooong lost Buddy- Seriously Awesome!!!

I spoke to my very first ‘BEST FRIEND’ ever, after 20+ loooooong years & I feel on top of the world!!

I had given up on the very thought that I’d ever be able to see her. I knew her for barely a year, yet her personality had touched me so deeply, that hundreds of times in all these years, I’ve wondered- How I wish I could meet her & tell her that she was such a beautiful friend of mine & that her friendship mattered so much to me!!

My dad had a project in Aurangabad & I thank that project,for the chance I got to spend one beautiful year in that mindblowing place. We moved out of a fast paced city- Mumbai to spend one year in Aurangabad!! I went to an awesome school with such nice friends & this gal was my best friend!! We would be together all the time.

You won’t believe me, if I say, I was 6 years old when I met her & the time I spent with her was just around 12 months! We were like best buddies, who knew nothing like competition or envy, fights or getting angry. All we gave each other was pure friendship!! We were in Class-1 & can you imagine a class-1 friendship can stay so deeply inside of us,for such a long long time ???

I messaged her few days back on fb (thanks to fb, I could reconnect with one of my classmates of that time & I found her in his friend-list) & gave her the background, thinking that she would have forgotten me!! I was so wrong!!

When I spoke to her today, she said ‘ How can I forget you? We were best friends! I cried so much after you left’ & I’ve felt the same way about her, cuz back then in 1989, we din’t have phones or scrapbooks in which we would share each other’s address. I always felt sad, that I couldn’t even say goodbye to her!! We just left Aurangabad and moved to Mumbai during the school vacation & I couldn’t even meet her, before I knew that its gonna be the last time that I see her..

Today, I felt so thrilled hearing that she’s married!! Oh- I wish we were in touch all these years, we could’ve been together for the most important events in our life like in college, when we chose our future career course, or when we chose which job to go for or the time when we chose the guy we were getting married to!! So many important milestones, got left behind..

All that’s still there n can be felt are the memories of that fun time, our time as carefree n beautiful children, who loved our homework just as much as playing together! And I guess reconnecting with those times is so important!! It fills me with loads and loads of gratitude 🙂

Hey Vidula- Thanks for being my best buddy!! I’m so lucky to have found you today!! You just helped me reconnect with the best time of my life in Aurangabad..

Signing off with tons of gratitude 🙂


PS- Please think about children (however young they might be) when you think of relocating!! We may think that it hardly affects them cuz they’re young!!

In fact it affects them…..CUZ THEY’RE YOUNG!!!!