A lil bit of gratitude

A little bit of gratitude every single day is enough to change our lives. If you can’t write a gratitude list daily, just say it to yourself. If thinking of a list makes you weary, simply offer gratitude for whatever is working for you. If you can’t do it daily, just do it as many times as possible.

Do it! Start small. Think of what worked for you today. You probably got that cab, you reached work, you had a meal to eat, you have money in your savings account, you have a friend/ spouse who loves you, you get sleep cuz you probably have a bed to sleep on, you have a family ….

So many reasons to offer gratitude! Once offering gratitude becomes a habit, you will see that perspectives change. With perspectives, your moods change! With moods, your environment is better. You start having a ripple effect on the world you live in.

So please offer gratitude. For everything in your life 🙂 say thanks for everything beautiful you’re going to greet tomorrow !!

Your playlist speaks to you,huh??

What kinda music are you listening to right now?

Is it lots of rhythm or melody? Are you listening to the words or to the tune?

How does the music make you feel -now?

Have you observed yourself enough to actually see a trend in the choice of songs & your moods?

I’ve observed that listening to some songs depresses me, almost all the time & I’m careful, thus avoiding those songs..

The songs needn’t be the ones of loneliness or despair.. It’s just the effect that kinda music has on you..

Similarly, I’ve observed in my case – rhythm and fast beat songs often liven up my mood -almost all the times. Even when I’m tired, these songs lift me. When I’m energetic, they make me giggle and smile from inside. I really feel blessed and grateful when I listen to such tracks..

The only times I know I need to lift my mood is when I feel switched off towards these rhythm songs. This gives me a hint, that something inside me is not okay..

Have you observed the effect of music on your moods? Which are your all time fav genres? Do you need to avoid any?

Have you thought about what your music playlist says to you all the time???