The seeker’s chatter

All the stories I make,to convince myself

‘I haven’t failed’


In that moment of recognition

Of my true power

Which I haven’t wielded yet…

N yet

I am closest to my highest self

More than ever before..

My highest self, why do you elude me???

I wish you’d let me stay with you for a moment,

Or maybe a day..

I might witness the true glory I came for..

A Rendezvous with you is just as mesmerising

As it is heartbreaking…

For you seem ever so unreachable

And yet you never betray me.

You never ever leave me, n yet I am so far from you??

Don’t you see it is quite painful…

The fear of failing seems minuscule

For the pain of coming this close and giving up is far more heart shattering

They say you’re easy to find!!!


All those who have found you seem to be at their highs..

What am I missing here??

Being up close with me doesn’t help!!

I don’t want a life like others.. I want my very life..

I am not changing anything!! Please come..

My beautiful highest self,

Visit me for supper n stay back..

For life is glorious when you and me are one!!!

~ your seeker

Daily crisis!

There is no ‘have to’! All there is, is, ‘IS’!

No running towards ‘got to be’s and ‘have to be’s. 

Avoidance of who I am, gets me bang on to who I am! Lol

Fears of turning into some ‘x’ land me right there!

Only escape is to be. To continue being.

I am! That’s all there is ❤️


Coming of a becoming..

Love has its own beautiful way of unfolding.Of welcoming you into its depths as if it was a trap. Getting you all tangled and caught, unaware.

At times you’re yourself. At times you’re everything but that.  

love at the very core


There’s self love that warms you up, assists you in dumping all that guilt. And then there’s this love that allows you to just be. Kind of lets you go away from all the ideas of ideals in your head.

Allows you to be lazy, angry or whatever you’re trying to ‘un’- be. Also pours so much love into you as if you were the next big change the world needs. Yeah, that feeling of love pours you with love, believing you are what the world needs…

And I guess that’s when you stop being yourself..

Cuz you aren’t aware, you’ve slowly started becoming your spouse, tolerating everything that once bothered you…or may be you’ve become your mom, who wishes the best all the time or may be your kid who has fun and play on his mind all the time..

Where have you disappeared dear beauty? This world needs you!!!

And here I am! Becoming more and more beautiful each day, sans makeup or a chic wardrobe..

Simply being that love..

Simply becoming love…

I’ve heard that somewhere ‘love means you’re slowly losing your mind!’

Yeah I guess I am..

Losing my mind yet gaining my heart, one loaded and bursting with love..

Love.. Exactly where im gonna vanish day or may be night..

With love,