‘Knowing our Measurements’ using a beautiful tool – The MBTI

For knowing what kind of measurements this post is leading to, would like you to refer to my previous post – ‘Just imagine this day in your life‘…This current post starts off from where that previous post stopped!!

How long can anyone wear an over sized or undersized shirt? Some day, the dissatisfaction of using something that’s not really meant for one, will emerge n we will have to ask ourselves, if this is not my fit, then what really is?

And while we are in the process of finding out our measurements, we may have to use certain tools that work like a measuring tape. There are many tools available, each tool acting like a specific unit for measurement. These tools will help us in knowing our measurements in various units and this will eventually help us in knowing our “BEST FIT”.

The MBTI- or the Myers Briggs Type Indicator, is one such tool, that can help us in knowing our measurements. As the name suggests, this tool helps us to identify our TYPE. Ive been very eager to write about this very beautiful tool, and in a series of 5 posts, (starting with this one) i intend to give my reader friends a fair understanding of this tool.

Its just that Ive been very lucky enough to attend multiple training sessions on this tool. This was one of the major advantages for me being in the training and development team, the flip side being it was a gr8 way for me to learn minus the certification!!

So coming straight away to the point, please excuse me for picking up all the technical stuff about this tool from wikipedia (seen in bold and italic)…..and allow me to showcase my creativity in the various examples and scenarios that follow the techie stuff… the examples and scenarios will help my friends here to get a better understanding of the tool n the scenario creation will help me in putting my creativity to good use :).

So this tool, the MBTI describes four dichotomies or pairs of preferences. What is this pair of preference? It is like say blue vs. pink or cricket vs. soccer.. where blue has its own characteristics as against pink, and cricket has its own rules as against soccer, and we have to identify our preference towards any one side of these dichotomies or pair of preference.

Now before i mention the 4 dichotomies, would like to mention sumthing very important!! WE as individuals have been programmed to write exams throughout a major part of our life, hence, whenever we come across a test, we wanna know what is the correct answer. Please remember, this tool is a measuring tape… It will simply show your measurements..

Have you ever heard anyone, telling the tailor, listen- “26 inches is the ideal size, so please measure me as 26 inches!!!”

No!! He just measures you as you exist!! And similarly choosing any preference over the other will come naturally to anyone, in a manner they exist. There comes no question of which choice is the ideal choice…

So.. the 4 dichotomies in MBTI are:

Extraversion (E) vs. (I) Introversion – this aspect deals with the way in which individuals draw their energy 

Sensing (S) vs. (N) Intuition- this aspect deals with the way in which individuals gather information or perceive

Thinking (T) vs. (F) Feeling – this aspect deals with the decision making function or judging function in individuals

Judging (J) vs. (P) Perception- this aspect deals with preference of individuals towards the Judging or Perceiving functions.

So, this is about the 4 dichotomies. Reading the brief description here, may not be sufficient to gauge our preference.. So have patience friends.. In a series of 4 more posts, i’l be sharing about each dichotomy n all that ive learnt about this tool. 

And would request you all to treat this series of 5 posts as an interesting read rather than a knowledge transfer mechanism. Im writing this post, to express myself creatively. All the info about MBTI is readily available online and any of you who wishes to read more about the MBTI may visit – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Myers-Briggs_Type_Indicator

In the past, Ive used my knowledge of the MBTI, for identifying why conflicts/ misunderstandings happen between people… n ive come to this awareness that knowing about the various types helps us to deal with conflicts in a better manner!

So hope knowing about the MBTI, helps you ll to appreciate the differences between people n hope this post wasnt boring!! I’l try my best to make my future posts more interesting n helpful..

Till then heres wishing you n me, a happy time knowing our  measurements”!!!