Peek a boo sessions with JOY?

I’ve had a series of dreams,3 to be precise in the last month around the theme of JOY! And every dream connected with my soul.

The first one, had me sit next to JOY! The feeling I experienced was beyond words. It was a feeling of trust and well being, comfort and calm. It was a dream that centered me big time. The feeling of joy and awesomeness stayed with me till about a few days, that was how powerful it was..

And then, there was this second dream, in which JOY gave me a gift! It was a complex gift that had to be assembled properly. As I went around assembling the gift, (with excitement), I did something that cracked and broke the gift..

It was then that JOY told me, the most important aspect about that gift was the part in the center. A square glass box, that had an indigo colored fluid. When I was assembling the gift, I didn’t even see this part, which suddenly cropped up after I ruined the gift..

And somehow it was the most important part according to JOY!

This dream also left me intrigued, cuz I could not mystify the dream.

The third one came yesterday! It was that me and my friend joy, we’re watching a movie or play or something..

We were obviously not together, which meant we were sitting in seats that were away from one another. I somehow felt that both me and joy, wanted to bump into each other. Yet, somehow it didn’t work.

We both were anxious to meet, yet it just didn’t work!

What am I missing here?

From being next to Joy, to getting a gift that I ruin by issuing something important, to playing peek-a-boo with JOY!

Is it really so tough to experience JOY!

I believe in dreams being a connection between our highest self and us.

What is my highest self, trying to tell me, with such awesome creativity???

It’s intriguing…..