5 tips to practise being open minded :-)

People who aren’t open minded have their share of conflicts. Having an open mind comes so handy especially when you’re problem solving or arriving at any decision. It also gets you better equipped at maintaining relationships beautifully and most important, allows you a lot of peace! 

If you think you’re not all that open- minded, it’s okay! This could be your starting point and here are few tips to slowly get there.

1. Allow people to have their opinion. I love our PM, Shri Modi Ji but I know so many of my loved ones who don’t. It’s okay. It’s their opinion. We should allow every person the chance of having an opinion. This doesn’t mean that I have to change mine or ask them to change theirs. It just means that I am open minded to respect their choices, whatever they are.

2. Avoid making assumptions. It’s so much easier to ask questions to clarify our doubts than make assumptions about people or during conversations. When my husband comes tired from work, I sometimes assume, he is too tired to watch that movie he promised. The reality is not quite the same. To drive home the point, ask questions rather than assuming.

3. Be willing to experiment. Instead of eating the same old fav food at your fav diner, try the new joint and some new options. Try a new hairstyle or a new playlist, choose something that is not your staple. Try adding different untried colours to your wardrobe. Just be willing to try. May be 3 out of 10 times, you may not like the food or that hairstyle, but it definitely is worth the risk.

4. Say YES instead of NO or vice versa. Our likes and dislikes come from repeated self – affirmations about the same. If I like eating carrots, every time I say that I like them, my liking for them increases. Same for dislikes. A good way to be open minded is to say yes to our dislikes sometimes. Eat that dish that you’ve believed you’ve disliked since childhood 🙂 This is a great step forward!

5. Be outdoors & travel across the globe. Being outdoors or amidst nature is when one senses a feeling of oneness! Start by being outdoors more often. Travel across the globe, across cultures 🙂 When we meet new people, if we stick to tip 1 of allowing people their choices, we will love these new people we meet. 

Our conflicts are a result of us having closed minds. When we open our minds, we open doors to new possibilities. We can tune into the person that we dream of becoming! And slowly we can become the person we have dreamt of always being!

Here’s to our open minds and open hearts! Good night lovelies 🙂