33 yay!! Good times are rolling :-)

Ya, I know numbers repeating themselves are a sign from our angels!! Good news for me is, my age is 33 and I know my angels are showering love and light on me this entire year.

A year to aspire for lots of love, lots of stillness, loads of movement, loads of rhythm, breaths of pure oxygen, my book seeing the light of the day, lots of milestones by my baby Ekaansh, traveling to beautiful places, watching movies with my hubby, supporting both my moms in the kitchen (did I really say that??), doing stuff I’ve been scared to do, feeling more n more beautiful, inspiring the world daily, waking up to see sunrises, breathing the morning air before half the world wakes up, excite my students to fly high, fly high myself with them, eating healthy, listening to myself deeply, improving my patience, treating my parents well (eliminate the anger that claims me when I’m with them lol), increasing my tolerance quotient, meet beautiful exciting people in train, catch the valley and greenery at 7.45 am every Thursday that I travel by train :-), see n hear more of my favorite birds, parrots, squirrels, butterflies, tailor birds, bharadwaaj, meet new n beautiful daily, acknowledge something beautiful in every person I am around, smile more more n more, say ‘love you’ more often, reconnect with old friends, bump into new ones, forgive everyone, love everyone, make more friendship with Ekaansh, suspend judgment, argue less, tolerate more…

Paint my walls, learn mehendi, sing, feel on ‘top of the world’, less iPad n cell time, more face time with Ekaansh n my family, more kitchen time, more Zumba time, more time for appreciating my beauty, look new, look different, 

Whoa!!! Nice list 🙂 will add on n more importantly, get them done 🙂

Challenges – Ready for Me!! Or am I ready for the challenges :)

A post that has in it something for me to bring to life:) Finally I’m looking forward to a new ME!!

Yess!!! I can & YESSSSS!!! I will!!

So here’s my challenge list n strictly I’m gonna adhere to it for the next 21 days minimum.

1. Get up every day @ 7.20 am

2. Take charge of my Course & push my certification to see the light of the day- Graduate by December 2012

3. Take charge of my health – I’m bugged of the unhealthy and unfit me. Just cuz I’m lucky I don’t look fat (even though I’ve gained weight big time) doesn’t mean I can take my health casually.

Daily exercise & Pranayam is gonna be an integral part of my day now 🙂

4. Efficiently manage my kitchen related chores in a total of 4 hours per day

5. Start my guitar classes & attend them twice a week.

6. Include meaningful games in the group coaching plan (this is reg. the current responsibility I’m handling) & design a mechanism for creating a culture of celebration & acknowledgement.

The extra challenges that are lying in the pipeline are: (May be for October ;))

1. Start driving

2. Keep at least few hours in a week for my Mehendi Practice

3. Kick start and work towards a plan that helps me achieve my goal of contributing towards education of the girl child

4. Enhance my Self Awareness to a Super Conscious level – I will be able to identify a WASTE thought immediately & throw it out of my life 🙂 making sure that each n every waste thought stays where its meant to be -out of ma life 😉

5. Include meditation as a daily routine.

Huhhhh… Sounds like a lot of work but for a change I’m not tired thinking about it. In fact I’m feeling motivated that these goals are motivating me. 🙂

All the introverts (In ref to MBTI ;)) here are going to wonder why am I proposing this challenge list on my blog.

Its a kind of announcement that I’m making so that I don’t run away from it. I’m sure you guys will ask me about it, if I don’t celebrate the 21 days achievement 🙂 Plus, being an Extravert, its impossible for me to digest all this internally in my head. I have to chalk it down lol..

12th September is the golden date & till 12th September, every day my goals are gonna be achieved. And I’m gonna celebrate this win big time…

By the way, I cut my hair really short yesterday. Its been on my mind since quite some time but I finally got myself to do it & thats the start of the NEW ME. Yayy..

3 Cheers to the new ME!! 🙂