How dare you?

‘ Do I look crazy here, to go on and on in the kitchen? Trying my best to come up with varieties that match everyone’s tastes, n then hear what’s just not enough to make this dish perfect? ‘

Is this all that you’ve got to say about me?

Hey hey hey… Just Pause!!!! Rewind a bit !!! Now Play!!!

Was that about you? or was it about the dish you made?

Yep!! The world is too fast paced & let’s admit  that we don’t have even a second to spare, to think n differentiate between the two! So much hurt inside of us, for something that has nothing to do with us- Lol..

Funny na!!

We attach so much value to all our beautiful relationships, knowing that they mean a lot to us, yet we fail to see this difference that can eliminate all the pain and anger !!

At work, which is now an integral part of everyone’s lives – My work = ME!! Criticism @ my work = criticism @ Me..

Haha ha -this work, which is not gonna accompany me any further than a few decades gets to be ME 🙂 Wow!!

What do I know about myself? Nothin I’m sure!! Else I wouldn’t have dared to equalize it with something as trivial as work..

I’m pausing everytime an arguement comes up, n checking with myself if its really me! N amazing, that I don’t get hurt when I see that its not even close to what I am 🙂

I never dare to insult myself now, with trivial stuff like this..

How dare you?