Are We FOOLS, to buy solutions?

Be it a weight loss program or an English speaking class or any program/class that helps us to pick ourselves up, the underlying emotion behind us joining it is- We are not good at it so let the expert help us out!!

Why should we feel that we need an expert to help us out? Relying on an expert is not the problem here as much as the ‘not relying on ourselves’ bit..

I loved reading the quick read- Screw it, Let’s do it- by Richard Branson. A statement that resonated deeply within me and has stayed for long is – ‘You don’t have to go to art school to be a fashion designer. Join a fashion company and push the broom. Work your way up’

Which means that being unable to join an art school shouldn’t stop an aspiring fashion designer to move ahead. A person who has the fire within, will do it, come what may! Right?

So many times, I see myself holding this as an excuse to disallow me from progress. I am too passionate about mehendi & I’ve always felt that I’m not good at it, cuz I’m not trained!! And the fact that I’ve not spent a bomb on getting trained in bridal mehendi, stops me from getting good at it..

Can you believe me?? I love mehendi!! If I work at it, why can’t I get good at it? Why do I need someone to tell me what I have to do? Why do I need someone to point out my areas of improvement?? I am sure I can do it myself..

We are the best ones to help ourselves out! Am so lucky to be a Coach, cuz this profession is based on the foundation that all our clients have solutions inside them!! A coach simply supports clients in their journey of figuring out their solutions & supports them when they take action related to these ‘Self found solutions’

I see so many people around me, waiting to get solutions, in order to sort themselves out!!! They feel so uncomfortable at the idea of figuring out their own solutions!! They would rather ask for solutions/ advice to ten people around rather than listen to themselves..

Be it people who feel they need to improve their communication skills, or people who want to improve their spoken English -They will wait to get trained or they’ll join a course…

and my only question is – Why????

Are we FOOLS to buy solutions?