Three words? Wanna play?

What if you had to describe the crux of your life in three words??

Would you find those three words that did justice to a life that you call ‘yours’??

It was easy to find three words that described the richness of life for me!

I have a list of stuff that makes me happy. And all of the items on the list seem to be connected to these three words.

1. Art!!!

My love for art, is thanks to the depth that it adds to my life. 

I may have not been an avid reader, yet writing has been my saviour: the one that gave me courage when life seemed hollow.

Movies give such an added dimension to life. As if you have travelled the world in the shoes of a stranger. 

Music, plays, paintings or be it any art ! It simply allows us to connect with the creator within. 

2. Family!

If not for my family, I would never have felt grounded to this planet. Perhaps I would be travelling the globe like a nomad who knows nothing of his roots.

My family is my biggest gift 🎁 and every time that I imagine my dreamy life, my family is right there, as if they were an extension of me (n they are)

3. Oneness!!

It’s this deep feeling of oneness that soothed me as I stared at the royal mountains in Auli, or listened to the gurgling sounds of the bhagirathi.. my trip to auli has been the trip that I most frequently go back to in my head n heart..

It’s this same feeling that takes me over when I’m in nature, with flowers or birds…traveling in an unknown country, getting to know the culture of the people there..

It’s like all of us are deeply connected by this beauty of it all..

The energy of a tribe❤️

being together multiplies the joys n divides the sorrows❤️

The energy captured in the piece of art above (celebration depicted in Warli art) is that of abundance and ease!

Even as I was creating this piece, connecting every being to the other brought tremendous joy. I could feel the joy of the people dancing together, holding hands, or holding each other! 

Also, I loved imagining the elephants and the horse being a part of the tribe❤️ enjoying along with the rest!!

A huge tree at the center, depicting love for nature! Kids, co workers enjoying together❤️

This is the energy of our planet!!

We grow in abundance when we share our joys, and exist for each other. We got to take care of ourselves first, fill our cups with self love n then let the love pour to the rest of the world❤️

We were meant to exist as a tribe❤️

We exist together❤️ 

Sending loads of peace, love and oneness to our beautiful planet❤️

My new green friends


My newly found friends
A pleasure I take to introduce
Not that u don’t know them
None the less, here are my views 🙂

I see them outside
Each of my windows
Also see them when
I’m outdoors

They’re cheering me
And singing their blessings
Every single day

Now that I’m more aware
Their gifts reach me
In each n every way

They nourish me with their energy
And relax me with their green
What a wonderful ‘soft spoken’
Gift they are, they prefer to be unseen

When I’m low, they cheer me
With the wind as their aide
just that sight is enough to pick me up
I shout out to them ‘well played’

They have tremendous energy
And unlimited capacity to love
An awareness- that’s it, is needed
To awaken this connection, and make it glow

When I was 6 years old
My mom had a beautiful garden
And she would talk to all her plants daily
I would be confused, not knowing why the routine

She was heart broken when all her plants
Succumbed to our relocation
And her garden vanished in no time
Yet, she dint give up, continued her planting passion

I knew that plants need love and warmth
For their growth and development
But was unaware of their power to give
So much love when I needed their energy

These mindblowing friends of mine
Make me look forward to each new day
And in the evenings when they retire to bed
They make me miss them more n more each day

Such is their divine power
Don’t ever take them for granted
If you have many green trees around
Believe that you are lucky and blessed

These green friends vl never let u down
Vl only shower u with more n more love
They’re unlike any human being
Who at times get filled with selfishness and ego

So here are my green friends
I take pleasure in introducing them to u
Have a blessed life ahead
As they vl continue to shower their love on u


Ps: this is dedicated to all my green friends who fill me with courage and love at times when I’m low!! All my green friends across the globe: u rock ppl!!!