My Gratitude List- A must have for everyone :)

Wow!! Am excited to write my Gratitude List!! Why?

I always thank god for all the beautiful stuff in my life – whenever I’m travelling, whenever I have some time to myself, when I’m with nature, when I’m in the rain- getting wet, when I listen to soul touching music – I offer my gratitude to the all mighty.

So then why do I need to have a gratitude list?

Expressing gratitude, offering a ‘huge Teddy Bear’ Thanks to the giver, makes a big difference!! Really, take my word for that!

Expressing gratitude is like a reiteration!! A redundancy of positive encounters!! It’s like a beautiful cycle – you thank ,you get,so you thank more, you get more, n so you again thank  a lot more and you again get a lot more n so it goes on…

So my way of expressing gratitude is through this list. And I’m gonna encourage everyone I know to make their list and share with others so they can share theirs and so on 🙂 So here goes my list.

Its Not Just a List- Its Everything 🙂

I thank you God for:

1. a beautiful, non judgmental, supportive, loving, patient life partner  – Someone who’s tailor made for me :). I love my life- thanks to him 🙂

2. a beautiful family- Being surrounded by supportive, non judgmental and loving people is a blessing & thank you so much for that 🙂

3. my i-phone – The beautiful music, exploring nature through the compact camera, communicating with the rest of the world, and lot more, thanks to this beautiful gadget

4. the skills I’ve been gifted with – They mean a lot inspite of being very small as compared to where they can reach 🙂

5. the beautiful environment I’m surrounded with – So much of greenery is a blessing now a days & I love you for this blessing

6. the help you send – In form of friends and sometimes strangers! I am too small to see how the big picture looks from where you see it:)

7. the opportunities you shower on me- Constantly, throwing not one but so many of them, at me ! Wow, you’re really loving and beautiful 🙂

8. blessing me with progress – Constant questioning in my mind/ head allows me to find out answers that allow me to grow n be more beautiful with every day

9. all the signs you send – To help me make the best decisions for a particular time frame. It all fits like a big jigsaw that looks so beautiful when connected 🙂

10.  showering your love constantly on me – Even when I’m angry, sad, depressed, happy, ecstatic… I feel your love in the form of beautiful people around, sometimes in the form of beautiful thoughts in my mind or while I take your beautiful name, I can just feel your presence in my life 🙂 Thanks so much for it..

11. knowing so many other things that I should be grateful for, yet fail to remember at this time..

12. forgiving me when I forget to remind myself of all the beautiful gifts you’ve sent to me

13. knowing that I constantly think of you when I choose to listen to music other than the ones that sing your praise..

14. choosing me to write this post

15. sending this post to all those who need to spare some time to remember their blessings while thanking you for the beauty in their life 🙂

16. Can’t believe it, I forgot to mention this one- Thank you almighty for getting me into ICA!! International Coach Academy has been a life changing experience for me & I know I am special 🙂 Every post I write at the forum, reminds me of how lucky I have been to be here:)

Love you and thank you again 🙂


Titled as UNTITLED


If you can’t name it, Just Let it be: UNTITLED 🙂

You name this post what ever you wish to! I’ve named it UNTITLED 🙂

What’s it about? You can see whatever you wish to see in it! It’s all about something UNTITLED 🙂

It’s about all those little things that sum up to become a part of something UNTITLED 🙂

A rainy day, colourful umbrellas all over, grabbing  a hot cup of tea at a small roadside tea stall, missing your regular train, hurrying to catch up on time, staining your trousers thanks to the rains & the poor roads, end up bunking work..

Any reaction ? – UNTITLED

A beautiful vacation plan, amazing flight, sunny view outside, perfect landing, report missing luggage, lose a lot of time, end up losing enthusiasm..

Vacation’s over? – Untitled

New Job, first day, looking great, nice boss, good team, perfect food, meet the client, quite alright, welcome to the rut, lost hope..

Given up on this job? – UNTITLED

Love at first sight, asking out, going around, angry parents, rebellious pair, eloping away, parents agreeing, happily lived ever after, few years, arguments, can’t stand each other, parting ways..

Ending up in Divorce? – Untitled

Single mother, useless husband, difficult times, making ends meet, working hard, no time with kid, no vacations, kicking him out, signs of freedom, found new love, family life for kid..

Happy ending? – Untitled

Times change, situations change, people change, emotions change, habits change, attitudes change, behaviours change, lives change,destinies change,

What doesn’t change? – Untitled

Matter of Choice

Written on 28th October, 2011

Which side do you choose to see?

Eyes see a picture- incomplete and lacking
Ears hear a story- unsaid and underlying
Heart feels a mystery- of doubt and mistrust
And lo behold!! The world is so unworthy and unjust!

Poor lil soul in a troubled atmosphere
Screaming for help in ‘the now & the here’
Yearning for peace- within or without
Hunting around for- it knows not what?

Sorrowful & sad, who to blame?
Heartless lord putting the world to shame!
Why on earth to live and die?
For Tragic endings or the hall of fame?

Live for that beauty tats going unnoticed
Die for the luv that somehow exists
Live for the completeness- hiding in the ‘have’s
Don’t die in the hope of the ‘not have’s & ‘must have’s

The story is blissful- hear what is said
Look at the picture- much bigger and perfect
The mystery will vanish, the minute you shed
your cynical glasses and skeptical glares

It’s not such a bad world, it’s the look that deceives
It’s not really beautiful, as much as the beholder believes
Bad or beautiful, choice is yours
You are the master, of your life afterall

So don’t cry, and don’t blame
Poor lord -joining parts in the frame
It’s ur life, take charge of the reigns
And make it- if not worth dying for , atleast worth the crave

Indeed a Brand New Day!!

Ummeedon Waali Dhoop … Sunshine Waali Aasha….

Rone Ki Wajah Kamm Hai….Hansne Ke Bahane Jyada…

Zidd Hai Muskurayenge, Khush Rehne Ka Hai Waada  

Umeed Wali Dhoop.. Sunshine waali Asha….

What a beautiful advertisement  Coke has come up with!! The catchy jingle beautifully contrasts the negatives with the positive happenings around us, leaving us with a choice. The choice of celebrating the ‘happy’ness as against fearing the ’empty’ness!!

The beauty indeed lies in the eyes of the beholder! So what are we gonna see today?

The beautiful happenings, our life is stuffed up with ? or the incomplete and missing stuff ?

We seldom pause in our fast paced lives, to think and observe, if our world really shapes up on its own or it does in a manner we really choose it to.Why do optimistic individuals lead happier lives, look younger than their true age & get over illnesses faster than the ones who love the darker side of life?

There are people who unknowingly prove their luv & loyalty to the darker side by continually thinking about their illness, worrying about how it can ruin their future, investing their powerful thoughts into how their world will be ruined one day! And so be it! Their world indeed gets ruined sooner or later!

Instead.. we start out by appreciating all that we have in our beautiful lives, with a deep sense of gratitude, thanking the giver for all that has been graced on us!

Thanking for all the ability bestowed to us, ability to get over illnesses, to get over all that was not beautiful, to get done with all that was not meant to be & for giving us an opportunity to start afresh with a beautiful life!!

Thanking the almighty for indeed a brand new bright day!! 🙂