The adjustment bureau!

What a movie! Fantasised to a certain limit, if I may say so yet based on what I believe to exist, angels! They’re around you all the time, not forced to do so as depicted in the movie but I guess by choice. The movie showcases them as villains but I think they’re my heroes 🙂 They’re giving me beautiful signals all the time, ive just got to listen! 

I’ve realised, that at times when I can’t find something I think I need the most, it’s my angels reminding me that perhaps I don’t need it! I’ve realised, when I wake up late and miss the bus, it’s for a good reason. When I’m really not hungry, yet the guy selling sandwiches, drops by,way too frequently, may be my tummy needs a snack. 

There are times when I see exotic birds, like the cute woodpecker or the tailor bird, outside my very own bed room window. These are times I know my angels are asking me to offer gratitude. They’re telling me that life is beautiful, that I’m special 🙂 There are times when I meet like minded people across the globe and I know my angels are around.

Our angels know the past, present and our future. They know exactly what’s the best option for us right now 🙂 we just need to tune into them, ask them to protect us all the time, thank them for their divine presence, and choose to listen to what they’re saying.

They’re quite subtly sending us signals. We just need to make sure we’re catching them 🙂