My Vision Board :)

What’s that? This is what I said out aloud when I heard about the concept of a Vision Board!

A Vision Board – is simply a graphical presentation of your view of your future! It could be a collage, it could be creative art, it could be cut outs of pictures put together or simply a collection of photos.. All that you would like to see in your future!!

When I imagined my Vision Board for the first time (can’t recollect how many months back it was), I only could picture my family! Beautiful times spent together with my family and loads of celebrations of birthdays, anniversaries, lunches & parties together..

I knew, the most important aspect of my life, is very much my family!! But what else? Where is my career aspect and my personal space? I started my journey of figuring out what is my life purpose and what is it that I wanna achieve in my life..

A full-time job which kept adding to my prosperity, wasn’t really my idea of my career! But if not a full-time job, then what? No idea absolutely ..was my answer!! I knew why a full-time job wasnt my cup of tea!! I am a person, who loves to make choices, who loves flexibility and most importantly freedom. At that time, when I knew that my job was very soon gonna be my ex job, I wasn’t really aware of my values! I knew just 2 significant aspects of my life..

My family n my freedom rather flexibility!! If my family was first, I had to have flexibility to shift gears between family and career, which a full-time job could never really offer me..thats when I knew, quitting my job will give me satisfaction!!

But if I quit my job, what am I gonna do? And this question haunted me for so many months (if I have to be honest, it’s not really months but years).. I remember discussing with my husband, every day I wanted to be someone different.. One day, I felt I wanted to have my own clothes line, but I wasnt very good at the management of capital & in future, managing cash flows.. One day I felt, I should own a parlour for selling  make overs to gals, to make them more confident! Every day, the discussion would flow in multiple directions, and not once did my hubby ever judge me on my capabilities or advise me to stop my junk thoughts..

They weren’t really junk, cuz deep down, they were linked to my passions somehow!! I knew I cudnt trust my flying mind, and If i chose a career based on these flying ideas, I would have to close shop soon! So I followed an idea of simply recording my junk thoughts or flying thoughts every few days in a notepad on my desktop in office :). I made a list of 3 to 4 questions and I continued to answer them in that notepad, recording the time and date. Every time I had different answers but still I continued cuz by doing so, I could easily tap the thoughts I used to have without really being judgmental about them. I kept recording them for weeks together.

After a few weeks, I just had a look at the entire journal. What I saw in that was,a few threads were common to each of my records.

My wish to be a Coach was a common thread, as I really had a deep desire to help people achieve and realise their dreams. My wish to sell makeovers to gals actually was deeply rooted in this feeling of helping gals get more confident..

Another thread that was common, was my passion for selling! I realised that the products kept changing, but my deep desire to sell was always present, be it make overs, be it clothes, books, or whatever. I dint know what to sell, but i knew I had to be in the sales profession cuz its my deep desire. My office bldg also housed the office of Life Insurance Corporation of India, and Id given a few thoughts to getting into that profession. I knew that  if this was my career choice, Id had to learn many new things, but knowing that I’m fond of learning new stuff, i felt confident 🙂

Another common thing was my passion to write. I hadn’t even imagined I d have a blog one day, that wud be my daily dose to dive deep into myself 🙂 But over the last 3 years Id written poems, may be a dozen full.. I knew I had to take it forward..

Few other things that came out from my journal were, my passion for creating stuff, be it small cards, friendship bands, envelopes, collages or whatever!! I just had to create new stuff cuz that would energize me.. Also my creativity showed up in one of my childhood passions ..My luv for henna designs or mehendi as its called popularly in India!! And I had the visiting card of one of the famous mehendi artists in Mumbai.. I knew I too will have such a card one day:)

By taking one more close look at this journal, suddenly My Life Purpose dawned on me:) and immediately i knew I had to create my Vision Board 🙂

I took a few of my business cards, turned them and on their back, started drawing what each of my passions looks like. In few minutes, I had 6 passions of mine!! I quickly pulled out a pink chart paper. I had worn cute SUN ear rings that day!! I knew that I had to shine in my life not like one but 2 suns 🙂 One glowing sun was my family & the other shiny sun was my career.. I stapled a 10 rupee bill to the pink chart paper along with the 2 sun ear rings and stapled all the other passion cards around it. The 10 rupee bill /note was my stake in my vision!! I wish I had stapled a 1000 rupee bill, cuz now i know it is very much my vision!! But that day, I wasnt quite sure.. But i knew I had to give in something before I could draw energy from this vision board and so the 10 rupee bill fitted perfectly..

And yay!! I had created my Vision Board 🙂 All the while when i was creating my Vision Board, my evening cup of tea was waiting for me.. I happily ditched it and used that time to create what now defines my life:)

I clicked a pic of my vision board with the sacrificed cup of tea standing lonely behind :)… I shared it with my hubby that evening.. I wasnt sure that I wanted to stick to it but when I showed it to my hubby, I knew this is exactly what I wanna be:)

After so many months of having it stuck to my wardrobe door (on the inner side), I feel confident to share with everyone my vision board!! Out of the 6 passions mentioned here, I’m already living 4 right now!!

The other 2 are parked in my mind, and I’ve given myself some time to embark on the journey to fulfill them. Am very excited to present to everyone my Vision Board:) Friends, If you need help in creating yours, Id be more than happy to support you in your journey!!