Choose to be hollow, not guilty!!

I love the book, ‘no time for karma’. I can’t quote anything from the book, but if I got to mention stuff that I love bout it, it would be the funda that whatever is happening now is happening for a reason. If I’m troubled by some xyz people, they were meant to trouble me. If I goofed up big time, I was supposed to goof up!

Whatever happens is happening cuz it has to happen. After it happens, there’s absolutely no point in sulking or regretting it. The max we can do here, is try n listen. What does the situation, person, our approach, our response/ reaction say? Does it point us somewhere?

Sometimes we got to feel hollow. Allow the divine will to flow through us like the beautiful flute of Shri Krishna. The music would flow through it, yet the divinity participating in was crucial too 🙂

So these times, especially from the past, where we feel we could’ve done better, are the times that we got to leave behind. Allow them to categorize under divine will, let them make you feel hollow as if you didn’t cause that hurt, or you didn’t get hurt, or you didn’t behave that way but it was divine will doing it through you. 

Whatever remains is only the present and a deep faith that we are on the right track. Divine will, is gonna make us do stuff inconsistent to who we are at times, and we are glad to be a part of this show. 

With this trust n faith in my heart, it’s me signing off.

Lotsa love n light.