The perfect contradiction!

My latest art piece titled: the perfect contradiction

My art works take me to such deep levels of understanding, that every piece leaves me amazed and awestruck.

This one is created for an artist, who is into performing arts: the making of movies/ short films, is into acting and is totally a gifted photographer..

This painting took me the longest and the shortest time for creation..It is just how I’d imagined it to be and yet totally different from what I’d expected..

It is layered and yet ‘crystal clear’y transparent..

It has been a ‘work in progress’ for the longest time, and yet it took about ten minutes for me to finish it❤️🎁

How can there be so many contradictions, n yet life is perfect????

It’s so because it just is.

Clearly discorded!

Some time back, I’d seen a preview of a show that had film stars have a heart to heart chat with people (common people) who hated their work/ were critical of their movies..

I remember seeing this one part in which actor Farhan Akhtar received horrible feedback for his work/ movies n in spite of everything the critic (a common man) had to say, he ( the actor) was composed n calm.

I was amazed at the response, n I wondered how come this actor received so much flak with such composure. I guess my answer had to come to me in an amazing way..

I’ve found, there are some people, I feel an urge (a strong urge) to support/ message/ help / offer inspiration n yet they are unable to connect with me. The response of which appears in ways like unanswered messages/ no responses against my urge to support/ avoiding me/ ignoring me..

N the interesting part of the story is, there are also some people who have an urge to connect with me, who I’m unable to connect to. Which means I’m ignoring their messages/ delaying in responding..

Am I being a bad person like the others who are ignoring me???

Certainly not!! Me( when I’m ignoring some people)and others who are phasing me out, are following their connections! If the vibration doesn’t match/ frequency of thinking isn’t alike, it’s obvious that the end result will be a disconnect..

And there is nothing wrong with the either of cases!!

It’s just a discord! So coming back to the question of, how can anyone respond to criticism in a calm manner??

Criticism is nothing but a discord!! A disconnect!!

My work has nothing to do with what others review it to be. My work, if it brings joy to me- I wouldn’t care what the critics had to say about it!! N hence the calmness during a bad review..

Isn’t that freakingly awesome!!!

It’s tough for some to get it!! I wouldn’t have got it a decade back! I get it now, cuz in my eyes, I’m really doing well!!

I’m painting well, I’m dreaming well, I’m living well, I’m parenting well, etc etc

If someone has something else to say about my life, it’s clearly a discord!! A different way of thinking on their behalf..

N that’s perfectly fine!! Everyone has a right to form opinions.

About me?? Go ahead!! Just that I’ve stopped caring, cuz I listen to my own heart!!!!

N that serves me best❤️😍

Quote# 3

It’s simple yet ignored!

We’ve experienced it yet it goes unnoticed!

It’s staring at us, right in the eye as we are busy looking for ‘something else’❤️


It’s the PERFECTION in our lives.

It’s perfect as is❤️ No renovation, redoing, undoing, modification blah blah

Can you see it? It loves appreciation btw..


The perfection around is raw and ripe at the same time.

Raw cuz it appears to be lacking something it needs… like your toddlers room! The perfect mess, craved by people waiting to have kids around, yet in your eyes so ‘needing a tidy up’..

Ripe cuz it’s there waiting for you to see it like it is, ready and sweet with the lessons it has in store for you. 
It’s so perfect that we tend to overlook it or ignore it. Sometimes we’d rather see it as flawed than believe it to be perfect!

I don’t know why? Perfection is better when it’s unreachable? Does it make the journey exciting..

We can’t micro- control our lives to the extent of achieving that level of unreachable perfection… 

It’s like choosing to lose. 

We got it all right for us. We are winning. Why are people being killed in our perfect world then? 

I believe every soul chooses the journey and the experiences that it needs to grow before time. So when embodied, the soul has chosen to forget that all experiences are custom made for it, like the ala carte meal one chooses..

What lessons the soul learns are for the soul. I’ve realised suffering brings so much compassion along. Pain brings so much empathy along. 

Why would a soul choose pain and the trauma of losing its near ones? Cuz I guess it opens a huge door in our heart for love..

When we judge others, we are choosing to be narrow minded as opposed to open hearted! We prove to ourselves n the world that this is the only way I see it! I can look at it in hundred ways yet id rather choose to see you as an angry person.. Or anxious or unaccomodating or whining or whatever…

It’s time to see the perfection around!! Can happen only in this beautiful world. That each n every soul makes ones choices culminating in such beautiful perfection…  

How would you describe the perfection around? 

Would you like to see it as perfect?

Inspiring or Perfect? What would you choose to be?

I’ve always wanted to be like those authors whose tiny articles In local newspapers are such an impact. These articles have been such an inspiration for me, that I’ve always wanted to do the same.

Write inspirational stuff that has the potential to change people.

The only goof up I made, when I chose to inspire was that I misinterpreted it as perfection!

So I had to be perfect before I could allow myself to inspire others. How silly of me to get the two confused.

Why should anybody be perfect? And what is perfection? It’s a definition that changes person to person,and is mostly unattainable cuz that’s how we define it for ourselves!

So here I am, totally in awe of all my flaws, my imperfections, wholeheartedly choosing to inspire!

Have you got ‘perfection’ jumbled up with other words from your vocabulary?

Time to see the distinction 🙂

Are we listening to our bodies??

One may think I’m joking here or may be that I’m crazy!! Why should one listen to one’s body n is it even required or possible?
It is very much possible to be out of sync with one’s body or be completely in sync with it..

A sign that you’re in sync with your body is when ….. Oh wait!! Lets see if I can personify this a bit..

What are signs that you are out of sync with a friend? You can’t relate to what the friend says, may be you don’t like that friend’s company, may be that friend doesn’t appreciate you, criticises you for no good reason, right??

Now the signs of a great friendship are when you enjoy the other’s company, don’t mind criticism knowing that the intention is good, love the person for whoever he/ she is…

Similarly signs that we are in sync with our bodies is when we like our bodies, the way they exist! We love being in our body, we appreciate the pluses that our body offers us..

Our bodies communicate with us just like any other person, simply the mode of communication differs. And we can listen to our bodies better when we are prepared to listen to it. A simple step to listen to our body is ask our body what it needs?? Our bodies are tired of communicating (attempting to communicate) with us cuz we aren’t listening..

The head ache or the back ache or that rise in sugar levels: all are our bodies attempts to communicate..
May be we need exercise or some fresh air or maybe our water intake is low.. Our bodies are created to auto pilot n work by themselves. They are so beautifully created!! But there are times when they just can’t do any more without our help and that’s when that weight gain, skin problems, head aches,muscle pains appear.

I have grown up believing that my stomach and skin are my problem areas!! Why?? Cuz they are for Virgos it seems.. Imagine years and years of telling my body that my stomach and skin aren’t functioning well! Result: sensitive skin and sensitive stomach..

One of my Ayurvedic doctor had once told me that our body sorts out all its problems on its own. And when it can’t it slowly shows up, and showing up on the skin as a skin problem is the worst case cuz the skin is the outermost layer of our body.

Meaning its a SOS from our body to start listening to it!! And sometimes all it needs is love. It wants to hear that it’s okay to be fat, lazy, slow, sensitive, whatever that our body is at that moment.. All it needs to know is that it is loved for who it is 🙂

I lost a lot of weight few months back, simply by being okay with the fact that ‘its okay to put on more weight’. So as soon as I accepted my body for its extra weight it actually let it go 🙂

My skin is much better than it used to be years ago!
I’m not someone who has mastered communicating with my body but I must say that I have improved over time.

Our body is our friend, a friend we love!! A friend we accept for whoever it is! A friend who loves us!!
So let us love it back.. It needs our love and acceptance more than anyone else 🙂

Of competition and perfection !!!!

As children though no one may have intentionally done so, we have come across comparisons..

People say it as an observation but the feeling of competition gets created.. No one ever tells us how perfect each one of us is ..

And why will anyone tell us? No one ever told them.. Each person has only been taught and told about their shortcomings and weaknesses..

No one ever told them how complete and perfect they were!!
We never felt it as children and so we will never be able to tell it to our children..

The chain needs to break somewhere na?? I have learned about so many personality types that I can appreciate the qualities that each personality type brings with them.

But one can easily mess this up by comparing the personality types!! What vibrance an extrovert brings along , it can never be compared to the stillness and reflecting ability of an introvert!! Then why compare the two??

Each one of is perfect in our own way and we have to kinda keep saying this to ourselves so that we can save the trouble for our future generation..

I remember one f my friends saying the only competition that works is self competition!! Being better than what we were before 🙂

I guess even if we don’t – the universe is perfect and when the time comes things will change , one person at a time 🙂



PS: This blog-post is my way of confirming/ reinforcing my beliefs !! Judging me / Assessing me based on these posts can be done at one’s own risk :)

A unique prayer!!

For the very first time, I’m offering such a unique prayer!

Thank you dear universe for being so perfect!
You are amazingly beautiful, ever listening to the needs of each one of us alive- be it humans or flora or fauna!

Thank you for always providing for each one of us , caring for us inspite of us, acting like jerks almost all the time ..

Thank you for accepting us inspite of our imperfections, for providing all the love and light!!

Thank you for the abundance 🙂 thank you for all the beauty around..
Thank you so much dear universe for everything!!! You are so beautiful and perfect 🙂 I’m sorry for missing out on this perspective for such a long time!! Thank you for making me get this perspective now 🙂

And thank you for accepting my prayer tonight 🙂
Thank you loads n loads 🙂

Loads of love..


PS: This blog-post is my way of confirming/ reinforcing my beliefs !! Judging me / Assessing me based on these posts can be done at one’s own risk :)