It’s our time to shine!!

Yeah! Im telling you, all of mediocrity is coming to an end, making space for only n only magnificence!

It’s our time to shine!

To let our dreams breathe life into us!

To believe we have all it takes to get it done ❤️😍

To let our hearts rule the world instead of our minds..

To let compassion show us the path

Beautiful thoughts of love and joy, to multiply 

To leave petty politics behind and hold the hand of our beautiful magnificent future

To open our eyes to the gift named present

To shine through till we reach each and every being, n compel them to continue shining

It’s our time for a beautiful planet❤️😍

A planet that loves itself, and nurtures itself! A planet that protects n safeguards itself!

A planet that loves love, and empowers huge dreams

Are you ready to shine?