Three words? Wanna play?

What if you had to describe the crux of your life in three words??

Would you find those three words that did justice to a life that you call ‘yours’??

It was easy to find three words that described the richness of life for me!

I have a list of stuff that makes me happy. And all of the items on the list seem to be connected to these three words.

1. Art!!!

My love for art, is thanks to the depth that it adds to my life. 

I may have not been an avid reader, yet writing has been my saviour: the one that gave me courage when life seemed hollow.

Movies give such an added dimension to life. As if you have travelled the world in the shoes of a stranger. 

Music, plays, paintings or be it any art ! It simply allows us to connect with the creator within. 

2. Family!

If not for my family, I would never have felt grounded to this planet. Perhaps I would be travelling the globe like a nomad who knows nothing of his roots.

My family is my biggest gift 🎁 and every time that I imagine my dreamy life, my family is right there, as if they were an extension of me (n they are)

3. Oneness!!

It’s this deep feeling of oneness that soothed me as I stared at the royal mountains in Auli, or listened to the gurgling sounds of the bhagirathi.. my trip to auli has been the trip that I most frequently go back to in my head n heart..

It’s this same feeling that takes me over when I’m in nature, with flowers or birds…traveling in an unknown country, getting to know the culture of the people there..

It’s like all of us are deeply connected by this beauty of it all..

What’s on your ‘blessings to them’ list today?

I call it a ‘blessings to them’ list, though it’s a slight make over of a gratitude list.

Our gratitude list contains stuff we offer gratitude for, whereas a ‘ blessings to them’ list offers gratitude for Stuff we’d really love to have..

When we bless others who are experiencing the stuff we choose to experience, we tend to send energy to the experience!

Whatever we send energy to, or focus our thoughts on, tends to grow in our lives.

Here’s my list:

Sending blessings to each n every person who:

– takes time out to breathe well

– enjoys vacations n trips to beautiful parts of the country n the world

– tries something new regularly

– helps others as much as possible

– spreads love thru a single smile

– has loads of family trips, moments,dinners, get to gethers

– enjoys the company of nature

– is able to express themselves thru their art

– is following their heart

– cares for themselves as lovingly as they do for others

– enjoys time with grand kids

– creates stuff, runs their buziness, enjoys their job, loves their work

– keeps fit

– eats healthy

– loves their life

– enjoys photo shoots ❤️

– follows their passion endlessly

– watches loads a fun movies

– enjoys various cuisines

– loves the way they dress ❤️

– creates their own unique style rather than imitate ❤️

– spends fun times with loving friends

– stands up for themselves….

Oohhhh the list is loooooong..

What’s on your list??